What to Pair with Tank Tops

Tank tops are a staple of summer time women’s fashion. Whether you enjoy wearing classic tanks, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or wife beater style tanks, tank tops are a must-have basic that allows for the creation of endless cute and trendy summer looks.

When creating various summer outfits and looks, keep in mind that certain items compliment any tank top very well, allowing for the ultimate in modern summer fashion trends:

Running Shoes

If you are feeling the need to rock the athletic look while remaining girly, selecting your favorite style of tank top and pairing it with comfortable yet cute running shoes will allow you to appear modern and independent yet trendy and up-to-date. Don’t wear a tank top with a very low neckline or high waist line, as this will not mesh with the overall look.

Graphic Hand Bags

Whether you prefer the smallest of hand bags or larger purses, fashionable hand bags featuring trendy graphics are an excellent style accessory when wearing any style of tank top. Be sure to steer clear of solid colors bags that match solid colored tanks, as this is a major fashion no-no. Hot colors for hand bags this summer include yellow, turquoise, and black and white combinations. Keep an eye out for bags in these colors that feature elegant or trendy graphics.

Hippie Skirts

Long and flowing vintage skirts are easy to locate, inexpensive, and absolutely adorable when paired with a simple tank top. This laid back and friendly look is sure to grab some attention without being gaudy. Patchwork, argyle, or earth-toned skirts are always a safe bet, while loud colors or patterns should be avoided at all costs.

Strappy Jeweled Sandals

Leather, suede, or faux leather sandals including tiny detailed straps and the most colorful and shiny jeweled accents go with most any solid color, stripes, floral pattern, or graphic design featured on tank tops, and help to create an overall fashion-forward look. Small chunks or short spikes are an added bonus when shopping for sandals, as they will provide extra height and make your legs and torso appear longer.

Wide Belts

Any time in which a small or form-fitting tank top is worn and the waist line of your bottoms is visible, be sure to wear a trendy and wide belt. Wide belts help to slim the waist, while drawing attention away from the oh-so-dreaded midsection and chest.


A happy medium between shorts and uncomfortable pants, capris have long been considered a reliable summer fashion for women of all shapes and sizes. Any style of tank top paired with a low-key pair of capri pants allows for you to flaunt your low maintenance girl next door look while remaining feminine and comfy.It is always good to learn more about anything through online articles and get the feedback from people that have tried out capris for themselves as it would help in enhancing your own knowledge about various designs that can be availed alongwith some interesting facets to lookout for.