What to look for in the next mattress purchase?

Buying a perfect mattress for your bed can be a tedious task. You might need a proper guide for the same as mattresses play a major role in providing the goodnight’s sleep that you need after a long day of work. The appropriate comfort is required to re-energize your body for the next day. Thus, it is important to consider factors like comfort, material, bounce, durability, and many more while choosing the best mattress for yourself. Here are a few things you should look for when you go out for the next mattress purchase.

  1. Great support: It is basically the characteristic of a mattress, which shows how quickly it can adjust to the movements of the body. A more responsive mattress will provide you with more comfort as it will provide support to your entire body irrespective of which body part you decide to sleep on.
  2. MATERIAL OF THE FOAM: Different companies offer different types of material for foam, and different materials have different pros and cons. Mentioned below are different foams from which one can select:
  • Memory foam: These foams provide good pressure relief, better support, and good body contouring. Even though the memory foam is considered to be ‘hot,’ technology advancement has introduced different cooling techniques for the same. Apart from this, it also possesses a chemical odor that you would not like to smell while sleeping.
  • Latex: Latex foam is a better choice than the memory foam as it gives more responsiveness and cooling. Also, it makes less noise as compared to the memory foam.
  • Coils: Coils are pretty common; they cannot be considered the best. They can be used by people who want to have a bounce in their mattress. Numerous layers of the coil are used to provide the desired support and comfort while sleeping. However, too many layers are not advisable as the extra bounce might turn out to be uncomfortable for you.
  • Pillowtop: Pillow-top mattresses are kind of orthopedic mattresses as they assist healthy sleeping by maintaining the body posture. This is done by stuffing extra foam in the head part of the mattress, eradicating the need to use a pillow.
  • Hybrid: People having different requirements can choose a combination of foams for availing the benefits of different types of foams. Hybrid foams help the customers to minimize the unwanted characteristics and maximize the desired ones.
  1. BOUNCE: A mattress with good bounce will produce a rebound effect when it is compressed, while a mattress with a bad rebound will absorb the impact. It is advisable to buy a mattress with a mediocre bounce as less of it will not satisfy the requirement, and more of it might make you uncomfortable.
  2. NOISE: The mattress should not be noisy at all. The noisy mattress will interrupt the deep sleep as it is really unpleasant as well as uncomfortable to the ears to hear the mattress make noise while someone changes his/her position while sleeping.
  1. WEIGHT OF THE PERSON: Complete softness or firmness should not be something one should look for in their mattress. The softness and firmness are dependent upon the weight of the person. Usually, the mattresses are made for average weighing individuals. However, for the light-weighted people who are less than 150 pounds, it is better for them if they prefer softer mattresses, while people weighing more than 200 pounds should go for a little firm mattresses so that they don’t bury themselves if the mattress because of their weight. This estimation will give them the appropriate amount of responsiveness, support, and comfort that they desire.
  2. MATTRESS SIZE: The size of the mattress should be such that it accommodates your size. It is one of the key factors while selecting mattresses as there are different sizes available for different sizes of beds. For instance, a king-sized bed will require a bigger size mattress than a queen-sized bed or a crib.
  3. SLEEPING POSITION: Sleeping position of a person matters a lot while deciding what kind of mattress he should buy. If you sleep on your back, then you need to find a mattress that is firm enough to provide better support to your back so that the mornings are not full of backaches. If you sleep on your side, it’s better to have something between soft and mediocre firms so that the mattress provides support to your back, neck, and shoulders while you change your legs’ position. Lastly, if you sleep on your stomach, you should always prioritize firmness and support as it is required to avoid digging the torso deep into the mattress while sleeping on the stomach and to support other body parts while sleeping.
  4. ADJUSTABLE MATTRESSES: Adjustable mattresses basically have adjustment settings for the firmness/softness or bounce of the mattresses, which is usually with the assistance of air chambers or replaceable coils. They are a really good option in case one wants to switch the comfort level of the mattress. They are usually orthopedic mattresses as they prevent the body from spoiling it’s posture while sleeping and serve the customer with the desired amount of firmness required for good body contouring along with giving optimum support.
  5. BUDGET: Budget doesn’t always mean the more, the better. Purchasing the right mattress means buying the best mattress in a limited budget. The minimum budget consideration for a mattress that fulfills all the expectations should be $1000. If $1000 sounds expensive too, it is advisable to not go below $500 as you might not want to compromise over the quality of the mattress. However, for companies that serve their customers with high-quality mattresses like Cal King, the budget set should be good enough to cater to the worth of the mattress.
  6. DURABILITY: This is also one of the major factors that one should pay heed to and look for in the next mattress purchase. On average, a mattress should last for around 8-10 years. However, the foam of the mattress does not settle down with the passing years. The mattress that you buy should return the value of each cent you spend on it and should serve you with comfort and support for a long period.

The above mentioned are a few things you should look for in your next mattress purchase. A person spends almost one-third of his life sleeping, which is more of a reason why the most appropriate mattress should be selected for a comfortable sleep. One should always consult their personal doctor to know what kind of mattress their body needs and then choose accordingly.