What Makes Tankless Water Heaters A Great Addition To Any Household

Plentiful and reliable hot water is essential for civilized life. It is an important requirement for different kinds of activities. In order to make hot water more easily accessible, tankless water heaters have recently entered the household scene. As per the name, this heater is tankless. But there is more to consider while deciding whether a tankless heater is fit for you and your needs.

There are majorly 2 kinds of tankless water heaters: non-condensing and condensing. Different models and brands f tankless water heaters use different kinds of energy sources to heat water. Saving energy, saving space, and a continuous supply of steaming hot water are the reasons that have made tankless water heaters a popular and smart choice for all kinds of households.

In this article, we will elaborate on the many benefits of tankless water heater to illustrate why they are the perfect replacement for your outdated water-heating systems.


A tank water heater uses an energy source, typically electricity, natural gas, or propane, to warm the water stored in the tank. A thermostat inside the heater then shuts off the energy at a pre-set temperature level. As that tank cools off, the thermostat turns on the energy source again to restart the heating. This process takes place even if no heated water was used for the first time. The energy wasted because of heat loss in a tanked water heater is called standby energy loss. This loss of heat and energy does not take place in a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters heat the water instantly as and when it is demand. As soon as a hot water tap is turned on anywhere in your house, internal sensors inside the heater detect the flow and ignite the propane or natural gas that heats the water. The moment you shut off the hot water tap, the flame in the heater is turned off too. These on-demand water heater, heat no more water than is needed. This makes the tankless water heaters a more energy-efficient tool.

A tankless water heater can produce 200% more heat than a typical natural gas tank water heater. If installed correctly, a good tankless water heater can produce enough hot water for two consecutive showers even if the incoming water is less than 50-degree Fahrenheit.


An average tank water heater is two feet in diameter and almost as tall as an adult. A typical 60-gallon water heater might take up 72 cubic feet of volume; an average tankless water heater takes up just around two cubic feet of space. This makes them bulky units that are difficult to install. In contrast, tankless water heaters are small and easy to install.

The small size of these units makes it possible to install them near taps and faucets that are used most often. This means that less water, time, and energy is wasted while waiting for the water to arrive at the source.

Easy to Maintain

As you might have guessed, there is a need for high energy to ensure that the water that passes through the heater gets heated efficiently and instantly. To keep this high rate of energy transfer happening efficiently, the best tankless heaters have an internal circuitry that monitors the cleanliness of the heat exchanger. It activates a warning light when that exchanger needs cleaning and maintenance.

The isolation valves make it easy to clean the heat exchanger in the tankless water heaters. They release a mineral dissolving vinegar solution into the heat exchanger. This allows the heater to be self-maintained without the removal of any of the apparatus.

Better Venting

Exhaust venting is another issue to consider when you are looking at any combustion style water heaters. Many tank water heaters require a chimney. But the best tankless water heaters extract so much heat from the outgoing exhaust stream that you can directly vent them to the wall.

Another issue is that many tank-styled water heaters require a dual-pipe power venting system. But the high-end tankless water heaters can vent with just a single concentric vent.

Higher Capacity

In the earlier days, customers were disappointed with the small-sized tankless water heaters for not being able to pt out enough heat to keep water from multiple faucets hot at the same time. This made it difficult to enjoy a hot shower while someone else in your house was washing utensils with hot water at the same time. But this is not the case with the latest models. They put out a lot of heat in a tiny package.

A lot of tankless water heaters come with another special feature. If the unit is installed in a room where temperatures can reach freezing levels, then the sensors inside the heater turn on a little bit of electricity. This stops the water from solidifying inside the heater and damaging the machine.

Though a little on the higher end, a tankless water heater is a great long term household investment. Users of these heaters are always praising their decision to buy a tankless water heater. The internet is filled with positive reviews. The best Rheem tankless water heater reviews on multiple platforms tell us that their high-end models come with a high flow rate to ensure that you never run out of hot water. They are made of stainless steel, use cheap environment-friendly natural gas, and are up to 94% energy efficient.

If you think about it, you will realize that tankless water heaters can make your life easier by giving you a continuous supply of hot water while ensuring that they consume less of your energy, money, and space.