What Are The Different Types Of Tower Rails?

Towel rails or sometimes called towel radiators bring sophistication and elegance to your house. Since bathroom is an essential part of every house, it is necessary to invest in materials, equipment and installation that will make it more convenient to use for your family members. Towel rails also serve as a decent storage and organizer for your towels. And yet this bathroom installation provides heat and promoted hygiene to your family. But just like any other installations, tower rails also come in different types. If you are unfamiliar about the types of tower rail, you came to the right place. This article will go through the huge choice of tower rails available and their differences.


Dual fuel towel racks are the most popular type of towel rails. This tower radiation provides both the essences and benefits of central heating and electric operation. Dual fuel tower racks has an electric element allowing users to enjoy central heating and the electric element of this device. One of the best things about this tower rail is that it isolates its own system from your plumbing system through T-piece fitting. This allows your heating system to be separated from your standard heating system. With this, you are allowed to monitor and control your heating system allowing you to heat and warm your towels even during the summer season.


Central heating towel rack is more appropriate for houses that are located in rural areas with no centralized heating system. This tower rail can be plumbed into the existing central heating system. You only need a new pair of radiator valves and you’re all set up.


This type of towel rail is suitable to apartment type places. Electric tower racks are easy to set up. Compared to central heating tower rack, electric towel rack is alternatively cheap. Though this type is the most affordable, it is proven to keep your towels dry, warm and clean. This type also comes in different design so you can choose in accordance to your bathroom designs. Electric towel rack is also cost effective and can help you save a lot of energy and money since it can be easily and simply set up with a help of an electrician.

With the continuous advancement of technology, towel radiators now come into different types. There are multiple types of tower rails but the mentioned types above are some of the best choices. If you would like to see more of the different choices of towel rock, you can visit www.poshh.co.uk for a lot of options. Indeed, tower rails are now an essential element of every bathroom. It may be unnecessary for others but with the benefits and sophistication it brings to your house, surely this bathroom installation is a good investment at home and for your family members’ convenience. After all, your utmost priorities should be for the benefits of both your home and family.