What Are The Different Types Of Staplers And Their Uses?

Have you ever faced the situation in the office when you have to staple big documents together? If yes, then you will be familiar with the difficulties; this works looks very annoying when we staple lots of documents along with the regular stapler. If you are attempting to collate all the documents with a daily use stapler, it can cause papers to fold or flawed. For such works, we need to have a good stapler. In searching for a good stapler, you can go to check the best electric staplers reviews. These will help you to choose the best one.

We must manage our desk correctly, and the right arrangement of documents is the part of the desk organization. When you are collating the pages, then it is good to have the right kind of stapler; a normal binder can flaw the documents.

Types of the staplers and their uses:

When it comes to collating all the documents, we need to have a good stapler that can usually staple all the papers quickly.

  1. Long Reach Stapler

IF you are going to buy a stapler that can easily staple the pages, then you should buy the long reach stapler. It staples the pages without leaving any fold on the papers. If you are a person who thinks about the neatness of the presentation of the pages, then you need to purchase this stapler.


if we talk about the uses of long reach stapler, it is effortless to use and give the proper binding of the papers. It is helpful to provide extra clearance when stapling the pages.

  1. Desk Stapler 

A desk stapler is used to binding the pieces of pages instead of putting together a paper clip. When we are deciding to buy a desk stapler, then we don’t need to think about the money because these are cheap. There is a problem with using this stapler that can cause the jam easily.

Use: it makes putting the pieces of paper convenient; anyone can use it without having any effort. You must be using the right kind of stapler that can properly clip all the documents.

  1. Pneumatic Stapler 

It is a stapler that is mostly used by the builder. We can use the Pneumatic Stapler for the works of wood. Many times we need to put the pieces of the wood together so that nailing becomes easier. The best thing with these staplers is the convenience of winding the wood pieces together. This stapler uses the air to make the work possible.


Pneumatic Stapler is used to stapling the pieces of the wood together; for nailing the wood, it can be the best stapler.

  1. Tack Stapler

At first glance, you will find the tack stapler similar to the long reach stapler. Only the difference is that you have to hit it onto a piece of wood, and then you have to make forced to come out the staple. This stapler is used by the contractors, who take the big project of using the paper with wood for roofing.


It is used to staple into the wood so that a contractor could use the wood with the paper for the roofing. It easily staples the wood papers.

  1. Commercial Staple Gun 

Commercial staple gun looks like a real gun; this is mostly used for commercial jobs.


It is used for roofing and securing the wire at home.