Top 10 Internet Games is quite possibly the most popular games site on the internet. Offering free online games that load quickly, it is no wonder why. It also offers a huge number of games. Picking a top ten from all these games is almost impossible, but here goes:

10.) DeadEye: In this game, you control a gun. It is fairly simply, as all you do is point and click at the targets in time. Getting a high score is the tough part. You pretty much have to hit the bulls-eye every time. This game definitely makes it among the best games.

9.) Bowman 2: In this spin-off of the classic tank games, you open fire on an enemy that is far away with only a bow. Choose your power and angle accurately, because in this style of games, you may only get a couple of shots. This helps to make it one of the best games on the site.

8.) Escape the Bomb: In game, you have to get out of a room with a bomb in it. It is in the point and click genre of games, and you simply have to click on certain things to perform certain actions. For example, you can click on a drawer to open it. The difficulty makes it one of the best games on

7.) Escape the Car: This game is in the same set of games as the previous Escape the Bomb. However, in this point and click game, the goal is to use what you can find in a car to escape from this car that has bars on the windows.

6.) Hell of Sand Falling: In this game, there is no goal, which helps to make it one of the great games on this site. Simply click and drag the mouse after selecting materials such as wax, fire, or explosives to make a line of it and blow it up. All the while, colored sand falls from the ceiling, which you can catch to make your explosions/designs cooler.

5.) Elite Base Jump: In this game, use the spacebar to drop from a platform. Use the spacebar again to release your parachute at the last possible second to avoid being the last ball thing to hit the ground. The fact that there is a tournament and a high scoreboard makes it one of the best games on the site.

4.) wOne 2: In this physics simulation game, you control a wheel. Using the arrow keys, you have to launch the wheel into the air, collecting golden spheres. Beating levels can allow you to progress through this game, making it very addicting. This is what makes it one of the best internet games ever.

3.) Interactive Buddy: Beat up a gray piece of matter with a mace, grenade, baseball, bowling ball, or as many other weapons as you can imagine. Or, if you want, go ahead and use the money you have earned beating this gray pulp to buy him a new head. Buying new heads like Michael Moore, John Kerry, or a Teletubby is what makes this one of the best games on the site.

2.) Territory War: War between two groups on Super Mario style levels. Use guns and grenades to lead your units to victory. With several games in one, including unbalanced situations, this game can easily find itself on a top ten list.

1.) Kitten Cannon: What could be better than firing a cute, cuddly little kitten over 1,000 feet from a cannon? What’s better is what makes this game the best game on the site. Spike traps, TNT, rockets, trampolines, and cat-eating Venus Flytraps will either help or hinder your kitty to the end of it’s flight.

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