Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Rug To Match Your Room Style

Area rugs add definition, excitement, and comfort in a room. In fact, a bedroom would seem bare or incomplete without a french baskets rug. The selection process though when shopping for a rug can be a tedious and challenging process.

The area rug provides that aesthetic value in a room. It’s like a masterpiece which frames the entire room. Size definitely weighs in a lot on creating balance in your space. The key is to go for larger pieces than smaller ones that would create disarray in your bedroom.

How To Choose The Perfect Rug To Match Your Room Design

When faced with different rug options, what metrics do you follow? How would you choose a rug style that matches your own room design? There are different factors to consider when shopping for an area rug that suits your bedroom style.

Rug Shape Should Match the Shape of Your Room

You have to look at the dimensions or shape of your room and choose a rug that reflects that. So, if you have a square room, then a square rug would best fit your space. The shape of your rug should also fit furniture and fixture shapes and arrangements such as when you have a rectangular table then you must have a rectangular rug as well. The orientation of your room and your rug should match too.

Go for Superlatives

You would not encounter problems with a big rug, but you would if you opted for a small rug. Size does matter – the bigger, the better! The largest size of rug that you can afford is considered perfect for any room. This helps frame your entire bedroom and all your furnitures can fit as well.

How to Handle Furniture Legs

The ideal bedroom rug should fit the entire bed plus an extra room at the sides to accommodate your feet when you hop out of your bed. At least 3 inches of space in between the wall on your rug is recommended.

If in case you are planning to put small rugs on each side of the bed then there is no need to run the rug under the bed, you can just place it a couple of inches away from your bed.

Mix and Match of Colors and Patterns

Rugs are able to convey a message and bring an exciting element into a room. When choosing varied color and pattern combinations, it would be safe to follow the rule of opposites. You can always mix different patterns such as geometric and floral patterns. Most people would prefer solid colors or patterns because it’s easy to clean in comparison to patterned rugs that are able to conceal stains and dirt.

If you are starting with your room design, then it’s great to start bare and use the rug as inspiration for finding different furniture and decorative pieces that would match specific colors of the rug.

Experiment with Layers

This is a very popular trend now which makes use of layered rugs. You can try layering a smaller rug right on top of a larger one. To make this work, the base rug should have a subdued or neutral color so other colors and patterns can blend well with the base rug. You can use smaller rugs when layering using bold or strong colors that would pop out from the base rug.

Warm Up Your Home Office

If you have your home office set in one corner of your room, then choose a rug that would completely frame and fit both your chair and desk. This helps create a warm and cozy space so you can feel reenergized and relaxed while on work mode. This also helps secure your chair and prevent accidental tripping.

Create a Focal Point in Your Room

Your rug is the best focal point in your room. It’s a striking view especially if your room design is complementary with the rug colors and patterns. If you have bold or daring patterns in a small rug then that can actually make your room look larger. The idea is not to cover up the design but to create the best angles that accentuate your room.

To Pile or Not

Pile would refer to the thickness of your rug. A Persian rug is a no-pile rug which is flat while high-pile rugs are thick and shaggy. You can combine high-pile with low-pile carpets in your rooms. You can use high-pile rugs in the bedroom or TV room and low-pile rugs for almost any other room.

Rug Style Depending On Room

For the Bedroom

The bedroom should ideally help wrap up your space as calm and relaxing. You have to maintain a low-key setup or design with light colors that will allow relaxing sleep. It should generally create a zen-like vibe.

So for bedrooms, avoid very bold or loud palettes and patterns that could disrupt a calm environment. You must stick then to rug materials or textures like silk, wool, or cotton and avoid viny rugs.

For the Living Room

This is the area where you can get as creative and bold as you can. You can reveal your wild and extrovert side in this area. Recommended rug material s would be wool because the living room has heavy foot traffic and wool ius much easier to clear compared to nylon, cotton, or silk rugs.

For the Entryway

With the entryway, you can be loud too or stick to the classic or elegant rug designs because it would set the tone for the rest of the rooms. The entryway rug also reveals a lot about your personality or your home’s unique personality. The entryway carpoet should be durable and robust enough to handle enormous amount of foot traffic.

For the Dining Room

A wool rug is ideal for dining rooms because it’s durable and can withstand the harsh elements. It’s also very user-friendly and easy to clean especially because carpets in the dining area is prone to spills, grime, and stains.

For the Bathroom

While design experts would advise you not to spend lavishly on a bathroom rug, it is best to invest in a high-quality or plush rug that is absorbent and comfortable for yor feet. A rug also adds more warmth and comfort to your intimate space. Choose very subtle or light colors such as light blue or mint green. It is recommended to use rugs for full-sized or large bathrooms. Woven rugs or carpets are ideal for the bathroom and are also machine-washable.

The area rug creates a fashion statement. The positioning of a rug would depend on the layout of your room. A decorative rug is considerably one of the most expensive and luxurious pieces one can invest on in a home but interior stylists would agree that it creates cohesiveness and grandiose even in a very simple home.

When shopping for a rug, you must take into consideration every tiny detail of each room and also the entire home. This is like a piece of art, which in order to appreciate every intricate detail, eveything must mesh well in terms of tone, aesthetics, and texture.