Tips For Cleaning Outdoor Swimming Pools In The Summer

Cleaning your outdoor swimming pool doesn’t have to be an onerous task if you use the following tips.

The best tip for cleaning your outdoor swimming pool is to keep it well maintained. Do not fall behind on regular cleaning tasks, and your pool should be a zip to clean. Books on how to clean and upkeep your outdoor swimming pool can be found at

Make sure your filtration sytem is working, filters are clean and that your pool has proper ph levels. Pool supply stores sell kits that you can use to test your water’s ph levels and can recommend how to adjust them as nessacery. The swimming lessons adults take should be in the clean water. The health of the child should not be affected through the hygienic water of the swimming pool.

Use a manual brush brush on your outdoor pools walls and floors, at least once a week, even if your pool is equipped with an automatic system. There are some places in every pool that the automatic cleaning systems miss. Pay attension to any areas that may be hard to reach such as corners or under your pool’s stairs. Pool brushes can be found at most superstores, such as Walmart or at on-line stores, such as

Rember to also use your pool vacuum once a week, also. Whether it is one that connects to your pool’s exhisting circulation sytem or a vacuum that runs on its own power. Pool vaccuums and accessories can be found on-line or at home super stores, such as Home Depot.

Use a pool sanitizer weekly to help fight any bacteria in your swimming pool. Clorine is the most common way to sanitize your outdoor swimming pool. Sanitizers can be found at

Shock your pool every two weeks before adding chlorine. The shock will clean out any leftover debris from clorine’s interaction with the pool water. Shock can be found at most hardware stores, such as Ace Hardware.

Always use the pool cleaner recommended by your outdoor swimming pool’s manufacturer. Pool supply stores can help you find out which cleaner the manufacturer reccomends.

Use a leaf skimmer to to remove large pieces of debris from your pool. This long-handled net is the quickest way to remove objects from the surface of your pool before they settle on the pool’s floor. has many pool skimmers to chose from. Your local hardware store, such as True Value, will also have pool skimmers in stock during the summer.

A handy trick to skimming your pool is get into the water and walk around the outer edge until you create a whirlpool effect. This will bring up debris on the bottom of the pool. You can then stand in the center of your pool with your skimmer and the net will catch all the dirt with little effort on your part.

Do not forget the outside of your swimming pool, especially if you have a stand alone pool. No one is going to want to test the waters if your outside pool walls are dirty. They will assume that the inside of your pool is equally nasty. The outside walls of your pool and pool steps are most easily cleaned with a garden hose.

Following these tips will help give you the nice clean, sparkling pool of your dreams with the least amount of hassle.