The World’s Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry!

It has been studied in history that the most precious jewels have been passed through the hands of royalty. The precious stones are of extremely high value since ancient civilizations and. Some precious stones like diamonds, ruby, jade, and emeralds are considered as an indication of high luxury and money and some people also gift them to different persons on different occasions. The monetary value of the precious stones reached exorbitant heights, and those who have diamond are known as rich, famous, and royal. People love to invest in these expensive pieces of jewelry, as these are a symbol of wealth and royalty.

The jewelry made from these precious stones is loved by people even if their price is too high. People love to have a collection of these precious stones as their jewelry and consider it as a symbol of wealth. There are some pieces of jewelry that are most expensive pieces of jewelry of all time, and different kinds of stones are used in these pieces of jewelry.

The most famous one is the jesus piece that is often made by silver or gold and depicts the head of Jesus and is associated with the hip-hop culture. Royal people tend to buy these world’s most costly pieces of jewelry, as these are rare and precious as well.

Here in this article, we will gain some knowledge about the most precious and unique pieces of jewelry in the world which are as follows:

  • The Hope Diamond

The cost of the Hope Diamond is around $250 million and is considered the most costly and world-famous jewel. The Hope Diamond has an exceptionally precious blue stone with 45.42 carat whose unusual blue color comes from the impure elements of boron. Legends related to the bad luck of the diamond and curses have given them an effect that is opposite from the magical look that makes it highly sought jewel in the past. The legends have been created by the light in the diamond. This diamond had larger size before getting the name of the Hope Diamond and was arrived from the Golkanda mines in the southern part of the India.

  • Peacock Brooch

This unique piece of jewelry has its value near $100 million and was revealed for the first time in 2013 in the Netherlands at the art exhibition held by the TEFAF. This Brooch was made by the Graff Diamonds, and was given shape of a peacock that has fanned feathers. The Peacock Brooch contains 1300 stones, which are white, orange, yellow, and blue diamonds, and has a total of 120.81 carats. Graff Diamonds have a great number of pricey jewels that include an unique Diamond, whose value is estimated around 80 million dollars and the Graff Pink, whose cost is $46.2 million. It has been known that the Peacock Brooch is not public owned at the present times.

  • Pink Star

It is mined by a famous mining company and is 59.6 carats, which has a value of $71.2 million. It has been known through studies that after approx two years, the Pink Star came into its unique current shape. Pink Star was earlier called as the Steinmetz Pink, which was a rare gem and is showed in the Smithsonian Institute. Also, The Gemology Institute of America has graded Pink Star as the Internally Flawless Diamond.

  • Oppenheimer Blue

Oppenheimer Blue was named after Philip Oppenheimer, who has a total weight of 14.62 carats and is a bright and shiny blue colored diamond with a unique cut. It is sold at whopping $57.5 million but is not released for ordinary people. This diamond is a mystery and the only facts known about it is that it was firstly mined in the 20th century in South Africa. The family of Philip Oppenheimer is settled in the business of diamonds for a longer period of time, and the stone is named under him because he gifted this stone to his wife.

  • L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

L’Incomparable Diamond necklace was made with a base of 18 carat pure gold and 407.48 carats of precisely cut diamonds. In the center of this diamond necklace, there is a diamond that is of a tiny size and is known as the largest Internally Flawless yellow diamond. Also, in today’s time, it is one of the most valuable necklaces that are owned by Mouawad. The value of this diamond necklace is around $55 million. The diamond inside this necklace has a unique past, and a lady discovered it at a mining site around 30 years ago.

  • Blue Moon

This diamond has a value of $48.4 million and was bought by the convicted criminal of Hong Kong named Joseph Lau Luen-hung. This diamond is of around 12 carats, and its cost is whopping $48.4 million and was discovered in 2014 from the mining locations. Blue Moon of Josephine has a blue color, which is hard to find and is of 29.6 carats. The current owner of Blue Moon of Josephine is Lau, who became a felon in a bribing case.

  • The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace

This is one of the most popular jewelry made up of jade that costs around $27.4 million and has 27 precious jadeite beads in it with a clasp of yellow gold, rubbies, and diamonds. This necklace is recently owned by the Cartier Collection and was previously owned by a socialite of America and heiress Barbara Hutton. This necklace was gifted to her at her wedding and was tailor-made for her. This necklace is a mind-blowing and astonishing jewelry that has premium quality jade embedded in it.

These are some of the costliest jewelry in history, which are highly expensive. There are many different types of jewelry that are made from these kinds of diamonds, which are rare and expensive as well. The different types of diamonds mentioned above are world-famous and are rare as well. People buy these expensive jewelry to show their royalty and wealth.