Stomach And Back Pain What Is The Relationship

Why does it feel like your stomach and back pain are related? Did you know that the strength of your stomach can have a lot to do with the back pain that you suffer? Many times, people who suffer from back pain also find that their stomach or core muscles are also weak, so when they do any kind of heavy lifting, they wind up hurting themselves. If this sounds like a problem that is similar to what you suffer from, you might be wondering how you can get stronger stomach muscles so that you don’t have to worry about your “bad back”.

Crunches Are Out

If you have back problems or suffer from any kind of back pain at all, you may be thinking that the best way to ease your problem is to strengthen your stomach muscles. While this will be beneficial to you, you need to know the right way to get strong abs and core without hurting yourself further, so you need to know that crunches are most likely out.

Why? Because when people have weak stomach and back muscles, they are putting themselves at greater risk of hurting themselves when they work to pull themselves up because they use their neck to pull themselves up. The same may be true of exercise balls where you do any kind of abdominal exercise.

Now, you should be working to get a strong stomach, but you shouldn’t use exercises such as crunches, which are typically great for people who don’t have back problems and start doing some “safer” abdominal strengthening exercises, to prevent stomach and back pain issues.

What You Should Be Doing

In order to get a truly strong stomach and stop your back pain, you need to be doing the right types of exercises. In most cases, you will find that you have the best luck with strengthening exercises which allow you to keep your lower back flat on the floor for the most part. These exercises will usually encourage you to only pull your back up so that you have your shoulder blades off the floor, but you won’t be doing any kind of jerky movements.

By engaging your abdominal muscles throughout your whole bunch of exercises, you will find that you are able to quickly build your abdominal strength and as an added bonus, you’ll find that you have a flatter stomach and less back pain within a couple of days.

Not sure which exercises to try? There are muscle balance therapy programs that are safe and effective ways to balance your body muscles correctly, to get a strong stomach, and avoid feeling any kind of back pain. Besides these exercises, using best CBD oil for anxiety will ensure that you stay mentally fit as well. 

With time, you may find that your strong stomach is as good of a weapon against back pain as if you wore a back brace every single day. By doing the right exercises you’ll not only improve the way your body looks and feels, but you’ll have a great strong core which will help to support your back and keep you from feeling pain no matter what strenuous work you have to do.