Simple Steps to a Clean and Organized Apartment

When my husband and I both worked full-time and lived in an apartment, it was easy to let the mess pile up. We simply weren’t there enough to stay on top of all that needed to be done. There were mountains of laundry in the corner, dishes in the sink, and a coating of dust over anything that sat still long enough. We had sought a condo new school but that did not do much for us. 

The addition of cats, and later, children to our family meant that we needed to better keep up with all things cleaning. If you are losing the battle of the clean apartment, here’s how to get, and keep, it clean.

Vacuum and dust regularly.

You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your apartment looks when it has been freshly vacuumed and dusted. These two chores will take a minimal amount of time in a small space, but you’ll see a huge improvement in the overall appearance of your apartment. Make time to vacuum at least 2-3 times a week, and dust at least once a week. You can also reduce the amount of dust by changing your air conditioning filter regularly.

Keep a detailed list of chores and dates.

As much as I hated to do it, the best way to keep up with our small apartment and stay on top of all that needed to be done was to stay organized. We kept a laminated list of chores and the dates they should be done on. We also delegated the jobs between us-I was in charge of laundry, my husband handled the dishes. Knowing who was in charge of what, and the date it needed to be completed by, kept us on top of the household chores.

Resist the urge to overbuy. Don’t fill a small apartment with too much furniture or clutter.

If you have too much furniture or too many pictures on the mantle, your apartment is destined to look messier and more cluttered than it actually is. In a small space, less is more. Box away extra knick-knacks and don’t jam in two end tables when there’s only room for one. You’ll have less to dust and the apartment will appear cleaner at a quick glance because it will be less crowded.

Invest in organizational tools designed to make the most of and to organize a small space.

A filing cabinet or expandable folder for your bills, a hanging shoe rack for the back of your closet door, and a laundry basket divided into whites and darks can help you stay organized. It will reduce the appearance of clutter around your apartment. In addition, having a space for everything will help make clean up faster and easier if you do let the mess build-up.