Robotic Pool Vacuums

Lately I have come to realize that keeping a pool clean can take a lot of time and effort that I and many other people just don’t have. I know that many people have hired people just to clean their pools but this is something that can really add up over time and I really couldn’t justify spending that much money every year just to have a clean pool. One solution that I did however find that will save both time and money is a robotic pool vacuum which is much cheaper than hiring a pool boy, although a pool boy may be more fun to look at. A robotic pool vacuum will even save you money on energy, chemicals, clean up time, and water. So if you do not want to clean your pool yourself a robotic pool vacuum may be a good solution for you. Once you decide that you want one then the shopping begins. When you shop for a robotic pool vacuum there will be a lot to choose from and your choice will depend on the type of pool you have.

I am partial to the bosch staubsauger (german for vacuum cleaner as I love the term) as it has robotic pool vacuum cleaners of different varieties and quite efficient at its job with no room for dirt.

Before you walk into your local pool store it is so important that you know everything that you can about your pool. To begin with you need to know if you have an in ground or above ground pool. Each type of pool has a different type of robotic pool vacuum that will work best in it. There are also some special types of robotic pool vacuums that will work on any type of surface whether it is an above ground or in ground pool. Knowing the type of pool and pool surface you have will help you to determine what robotic pool vacuum is right for you.

No matter what type of pool you have there are still some specific details you need to know about your pool. First, you need to know the dimensions of your pool because there are robotic pool vacuums to fit specific dimension pools and knowing this will ensure that you choose the right robotic pool vacuum for your pool. There are even robotic pool vacuums for L shaped pools and other different shaped pools so knowing the shape of your pool is also important. Knowing these details and the material your pool is made of will help you to choose the perfect robotic pool vacuum for you.

Once you have made sure that you know these important details you will be able to begin shopping for your robotic pool vacuum. These details are absolutely necessary to know before you walk into a pool shop. Knowing this information down to the exact measurements can save you from buying the wrong type of robotic pool vacuum. This information can also save you from being talked into purchasing something that you really don’t need or a robotic pool vacuum that is too big for your pool. Now that you are equipped with knowledge you will be able to purchase the right robotic pool vacuum for you so that you can lounge by the pool while it does all the work.