Preventing Foot Problems

They say that the foot is the body’s foundation and if you don’t treat your feet right everything else will come crashing down. This is why, for those who have problems with their feet, use of mindinsole shoes is highly recommended. A sore foot can be one of the most irksome pains on your body. Your shoe won’t fit right, you can’t walk normally, and God forbid if you stub an already sore toe. There are some methods for preventing foot problems, however, and if you can’t prevent it then at least treat it.

Blisters are probably the most common foot ailment. The most common cause of blisters are shoes or socks that don’t fit right or are too tight. Your feet sweat and then the friction caused by that rubbing creates a blister. Pretty obvious preventative steps here: wear shoes and socks that fit! If you’ve got a pair shoes that you just can’t bear to give up, or even a pair of lucky socks, you can always go the route of rubbing your feet down with moisturizer before putting shoes or socks on. That will cut down on the friction. If it’s too late for that and you’ve already got the blister going, the best thing is soak your feet in plain water, let it dry completely and then apply an antibiotic ointment before covering with a bandage. Oh, and one word about blisters. Even though you may have heard reports to the contrary and even though you may think it’s your only option, don’t give in to temptation and pop the blister. All you’re doing is sending out party invitations to bacteria and next thing you know you’re infected.

Speaking of infections, a major proportion of the population suffer from fungal infections of the toe or nails. If you’re itching between your toes, if the skin down there is all crackly or discolored, if the nail is separating then you are probably in store for a fungal infection. Your mother may have told you some frightening fairy tales about all the things you can catch from sitting on a public toilet that aren’t really true, but take just one step into a public bathroom without your shoes and you are letting yourself in for one of these bad boys. If you don’t keep your feet clean, that’s not going to help either. Once you’ve contracted a fungal infection, there are fungicides on the market that should help without resorting to a doctor for the harder prescriptive stuff. Most of these powders, creams and lotions are pretty good at keeping the fungi from spreading.

Ingrown toenails are possibly the worst as far as pain goes. Depending on how ingrown the toenail gets, you are in for discomfort from the time you get up until the time you get up again. The best way to prevent this is quite simple. Just don’t clip your nails down too far, cut them evenly across and file off any sharp points. Some people have a nervous habit of playing with their toenails, causing them to tear and then they go ahead and tear it off and down into the quick. If you’ve got this habit, try to drop it and develop another. Just don’t take up smoking. If you’ve already got the ingrown toenail as you read this, you don’t even have to leave the computer for long. Get a bucket to soak your foot in and get yourself an over the counter ointment. If the wound becomes increasingly painful or a horrifying shade of red, then you should leave the computer long enough to see a podiatrist. You’ll probably just get some big time oral antibiotics, but if it’s bad enough you may be subject to minor surgery there in the office.

Why are they called corns? I don’t know and I haven’t found out yet. Tried. Corns are basically just another name for calluses. Once again, the culprit here are shoes that just don’t fit. It may not necessarily be because they are too tight, however. The design just may be wrongheaded for your foot and so you wind up with just a spot of the shoe rubbing against your foot or toe. One alternative is buy a corn pad and place it on the area getting rubbed against. The only thing about that is if you buy those medicated corn pads the acids in them will eat through the pad and then start eating into your skin. Another alternative is to see if you can get anything from putting the shoes up for saleon Ebay. But don’t try cutting off that corn or callus by yourself. This is technically surgery as it results in the removal of one part of your body from another part of your body. Muck it up and you could be in for a much worse condition than just having the callus. Instead, soak your feet and then use one of those pumice stones to rub the dead skin away.

If you know the origin of the term corn, would you mind it placing it inside that little box on the right there? I’m sure we’d all love to know.