New to Yahoo Contributor Network? How to Use the Social Networking Features

If you’re new to Yahoo Contributor Network, you may not have given the social aspects much thought. If you have, but you haven’t done much social networking online, it may be slightly confusing at first. How can you communicate with other contributors? Is it necessary? How does it all work and what does Yahoo Contributor Network have to offer in this area?

Article Comments

If you’ve read any articles on Yahoo Destinations like Yahoo Voices, omg!, or Shine, then you likely know there is a comment section. It’s near the bottom of the article page. If you enjoy an article, you can let the writer know by leaving remarks in the text box and submitting them. This is the same for videos, slideshows, and other content. Some people like to leave comments and some don’t. Is it necessary? Of course not. However, it can be fun. You may find you also enjoy receiving comments on your own work. Some like to carry on conversations in the comment section of articles. Bookmarking them for future viewing can be helpful in this instance.

Yahoo Contributor Network Messaging System

The messaging system saves people from having to give out emails if they want to converse with fellow contributors. It’s also simple because you can message someone from a comment they’ve made, from a forum post, or from their Yahoo contributor page. While the option is there to message fellow contributors, that privilege shouldn’t be abused. For instance, harassing, spamming, stalking, soliciting, scamming, and the like is not appropriate use of the PM system.


The Yahoo Contributor Network Forum is a great way to keep up with what’s going on. This is where staff updates us on issues. It’s also where contributors can share tips and advice, discuss Yahoo Contributor Network and content creation for the Yahoo network, and also just have fun and socialize. Before posting, be sure to read the rules as well as make sure you are posting in the proper area. It’s wise to scan the forum and even do a forum search to be sure there isn’t already a post on that topic. If you want to quote someone’s response when replying, hit the quote button after clicking reply. That inserts their remarks right before yours so everyone knows what you are responding to.

Fans and Favorites

If you want to become someone’s fan, you can do so by clicking “add to favorites” on their contributor profile. If you’d like to receive an email each time someone publishes new content, click “subscribe” on their contributor page. When you subscribe to someone, you automatically become a fan. Instagram is a emerging social media site that involved account of the young generation. The availability of the followers will be at cheap rates on lightninglikes online site. 

Should You Get Involved in the Social Aspects of Yahoo Contributor Network?

Whether you get involved in the social aspects of Yahoo Contributor Network or not is strictly up to you. It isn’t necessary, but many enjoy the interaction available. You may choose to participate in one or all of the above activities. If you enjoy communicating with others, you may decide to participate in the community. Some choose only to write (or otherwise create content) and do nothing else. Trying out some of the above may help you decide. Some benefits to socializing on Yahoo Contributor Network include making friends, gaining some readership, and learning. Ultimately, it’s your decision and if you aren’t comfortable, there’s no need to worry about it. However, if you are interested, this community can be very welcoming.