Natural Treatments And Remedies For Back Pain Relief

For decades, the most popular method that people used to get back pain relief was to stay in bed and avoid moving their backs as much as possible. But recent studies have revealed that this method may actually be counterproductive as prolonged bed rest weakens the back and may even lead to more serious chronic back pain.

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Instead, doctors now recommend regular exercise and back pain exercises as the best way of achieving permanent back pain relief. Even in the exact moment when you are experiencing back pain, it is advisable to keep moving your body as long as you are able because this will get rid of the pain much faster than any medication can. Of course, if the pain is too intense, you should lie down for a while and wait for the pain to subside before attempting to move your back.

Back pain occurs due to a number of reasons, the most common of which is muscle strain. Picking up very heavy objects, participating in strenuous sports, or suddenly working out after a long period of lethargy can all contribute to this condition.

Back Pain Relief With Natural Remedies

Back pain relief can be found with many natural treatments, many of which are considered alternative therapies. Chiropractic is one such treatment, although it is becoming recognized today as being more ‘mainstream.’


Regardless of what has caused your back pain, there are some treatments that will work very well without necessitating the use of artificial medications or procedures. One such remedy is acupuncture. For centuries, the Chinese have been successfully using acupuncture to get back pain relief, and this method has now become popular in the western world as well.

Find Back Pain Relief In The Morning Sun

Increased Vitamin D in the body is another natural way of getting back pain relief. Vitamin D can be acquired from fish with small bones, cereals and fortified milk. You can also get your daily dose of Vitamin D by exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning, preferably before 8am.

Music Therapy

There are also a lot of newly-discovered natural methods of getting back pain relief, such as music therapy. According to recent studies, listening to relaxing music does work wonders in relieving back pain. The results are almost instant, which is better than what you can get from most artificial pain medications. Furthermore, listening to music does not cost you anything and can be done anywhere and anytime. Similarly, yoga is also a very low-cost way of getting back pain relief, although it may take some practice before it gives you the results that you want.

Bowen Therapy

Another new method of getting back pain relief is Bowen Therapy, which was developed by Australian osteopath Tom Bowen. Doctors all over the world are now recommending this method to their patients as one of the most effective ways of getting relief from recurring back pain.