Mind Mapping Apps: Make Your Business Easy

Whenever we have a difficult task or problem to solve, we try our best at first and start thinking for solutions but eventually give up on it. Then its time to call upon some intelligent person who solves it within minutes.

Whenever we talk about mind or brain, the words that come up are clever, intelligent, cunning, sharp etc. etc.

Are they all interrelated to each other or different? Well, to put it simply, intellect and cleverness are a byproduct of the brain as it is through thinking and analyzing through there do we get a solution to the problem.

This goes to show that the brain is the most important body function of the body in the sense that it helps mankind to reach the top. Is it symbolic or metaphorical that the brain is situated at the topmost position of the body?

There have been innumerable discussions on how using your brain can make you do wonders and if some mistake or blunder is committed, the culprit is shouted at for having no brain at all.

The mind and brain are quite interlinked yet very different from each other. Brain is an organ that can be see, touched and even consumed, but has anyone in the world seen, heard or felt mind.

What is a mind? It is neither on top of the head nor inside it so why does it have so much significance in the lives of human beings? What makes the intellectuals use this word atleast hundred times a day?

It is the mind that dominates over every other external and internal body part, including the brain. The mind sends signals to the brain through which it is able churn out thoughts and ideas that are eventually applied for solving problems.

Now, one profession where mind plays an important role is business. Every businessman needs to a have a sharp and innovative mind if he wants to shine in the business world which is not at all a welcome task considering the current scenario.

Be it big or small, the shelf life of a business is unpredictable as there are many factors that govern the success and failure of any venture as a major portion of its fate depends upon lady luck to take it in her embrace.

Fortunately, mind mapping can be seen as a welcome oasis for people who are on the lookout for better business prospects as all that they require are a set of good applications to help them out in their venture that will help them in the visualization of the overall information.

Here are 9 of the best mind mapping apps for small business:

  • Coggle: It is the mapper that can be used both on the main system and smartphone where you have to create an account and it will take you to the main site where you can start with the diagram process.
  • Xmind: It is extremely useful if ever the screen goes blank and you can avail it at iOS, mac and windows where the application has a fixed set of themes
  • Mindomo: It is useful for students as they help in school projects
  • Lucidchart: It is used for making flowcharts and venn diagrams for business projects
  • iMindmap: It has an array of multimedia files
  • Mindnode
  • Popplet
  • Mind manager
  • Mindmeister