Male Enhancement Medications

Doctors will prescribe Viagra to male patients for various different levels of erectile dysfunction. On a recent visit to my physician for a physical I explained a problem I was having and his immediate response was erectile dysfunction. He prescribed Viagra and even included a sample pack for me to try. The sample pack was of a 25 mg strength while the prescription was for a 50 mg strength. I tried them both and they really do work, sometimes too well.

At the age of 31, I never thought I would be taking medication for erectile dysfunction. My doctor assured me there was nothing wrong with me, but that working 65-80 hours a week could be affecting my function and performance. Viagra was supposed to bring back the oomph I left at the office so I tried both the 25 mg and 50 mg versions. The hyper male force medicine will produce the nitric oxide that improves the blood circulation in the body. The penile chamber will receive sufficient blood for effective results in performing sex. The amount of dose will be different for different person. A consult can be done with the experts for further information. 

The first night I received the 25 mg sample pack, I took one about 45 minutes before bed. Within 15 minutes I noticed I was feeling more aroused than I normal would. My normal routine would include getting the kids ready for bed and then relaxing for a couple of hours before nodding off myself. My wife understood the pressures of my job and did not pressure me about our intimate life, but I felt things were not where they should be. Within 30 minutes of taking the 25 mg Viagra, I was ready to go. I did not yet have an erection but was ready for a little adult time so to speak. My erection lasted longer than normal during the act of intercourse and faded soon after orgasm. Much to my surprise, about an hour after the first encounter I was ready again, much to my wife’s surprise. After the second bout of intercourse things faded again and we relaxed for the rest of the evening much better for the experience.

The physical effects of the 25 mg Viagra were barely noticeable. I did feel a bit flush before even beginning intercourse and my heart rate increased. I even tested my blood pressure before beginning any physical activity to gauge how the medication was affecting my body and it was normal. I experienced no headaches or prolonged erections.

I waited about a week to try the 50 mg strength Viagra. I repeated the same tactic, taking the medication about 45 minutes before our normal relaxation time. The effects of the 50 mg Viagra were much stronger than the 25 mg. Within 15 minutes I was ready for arousal and had no trouble lasting twice as long during the act as with the 25 mg Viagra. The erection again faded after intercourse, but not all the way. After 15 minutes I was aroused again. This fading and reappearance of my erection lasted from 9:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. The night was a long one and I was certainly relieved when the effects of the 50 mg Viagra finally began to wear off.

The physical effects of the 50 mg Viagra were more pronounced than the 25 mg Viagra. I noticed an increased heart rate again, but with a slightly elevated blood pressure reading as well. The veins all over my upper body were engorged with blood as if I were in a weight lifting competition. My eyes were blood red and appeared too open.

My final decisions after testing both the 25 mg Viagra and the 50 mg Viagra were obvious. While I enjoyed the extra oomph the 25 mg Viagra gave me at a time I would otherwise be winding down each night, the 50 mg Viagra was a little too strong. As with any medication I am sure the 50 mg Viagra could be used by someone with a more pronounced erectile deficiency but for my case, I will stick with the 25 mg Viagra. It really did work.