List of Recommended Websites for Photo File Sharing

In the Internet, there are tons of websites that allow you to upload and share files and photos with your friends.

There are many data rooms to maintain the data files in the operating system and the website serve to store relevant information of subjects relating to different topics.

However, for your convenience, I will introduce a few sharing website. Most of them are free and very simple.


  1. This website allows you to upload files up to 100MB. It has very fast uploading and downloading speed. You do not have to register or share any of your information with the website.

Click “Browse” to choose your file to upload.

Provide information about your uploading in “Descriptive tags”.

Provide your friend’s email and your email. (This step is optional).

Of course, you have to read the “Term of Service” and mark “I accept the Term of Service”.

Click Upload.

After uploading your file, the website will give you the link to download your file and send it to your email (If your email provided).

  1. This website is even more convenient. Registration is optional. However, I recommend you to register for your advantage to host, transfer or deliver files in the future. provides unlimited file size and lifetime. It is fit for selling e-Books or other digital items.

All you have to do is click “Browse” to choose your file to upload and click “Upload”. Like, the website will give you the link to download your file after uploading.


  1. Webshots provides photo-sharing services up to 1000 photos with free account and up to 5000 photos with Premium Account (costs $2.49 per month). This website allows you to upload many photos at the same time and more than 2MB for each photo. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your photos’ quality.

You can share your picture by message, album, slideshow or e-card. With the premium account, you are also able to use printing service for your picture.

  1. Dotphoto allows you to upload not only your photos but also your movies and video clips. Especially, this website allows you to add sounds into your photos. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite song while watching your photos. Dotphoto can also fix “red eye” and adjust the light of your photos.
  2. An account in Smugmug costs about $42.6 a year. However, this website provides unlimited uploading space. You can have your own website in Smugmug URL. The best thing I like about this site is its customer service. It replied my email within half an hour.
  3. Flickr is possessed by Yahoo!. This is the site for Yahoo! 360 blogger to share photo. Users of Flickr can mark the place where they took their photos in a map. This website also allows users to put photo into cell phones or blogs.

Now, you have many good solutions to share files and photos with your friends. I hope you will satisfy with the services of these two websites.