Jean Paul Gaultier 2 Perfume, For Men & Women

Jean Paul Gaultier 2 perfume is a unisex fragrance. Both men and women can wear this one…so they say.

Jean Paul Gaultier 2 Perfume sort of landed in my lap for close to nothing. My mom recently came across a bag of perfume at our local thrift store for only $30.00. Inside the bag there was a giant slew of designer fragrances. Jean Paul Gaultier 2 was one of them.

I had never heard of this perfume, but I have heard of Jean Paul, and I knew that this perfume was most likely a very expensive one, so I was excited to give it a try.

In my mind, buying a perfume is like buying thin wallet for men, you really have to be wise and choosy so you will get the best item. Also, you need to choose the scent that would suit your personality and tastes.


Jean Paul Gaultier 2 comes in a unique bottle. The bottle itself is an off square shape, with a metal backing. The bottle is transparent, but you cannot see all the way through because of the metal back. The metal back has the logo etched into it, so you can see it when you look into the bottle from the clear side. It’s rather interesting, but nothing worth saving after the perfume is gone.

The Perfume:

Jean Paul Gaultier 2 is a very light colored yellow. It’s almost like tainted rusty water, but more clear than it is yellow.

The Scent:

Now according to what I have heard and seen in reviews, Jean Paul Gaultier 2 is supposed to smell like amber, musk, and vanilla. Supposedly the vanilla is very, very easy to detect, and the most distinct scent in the mix.

I like vanilla… so I sprayed away.

I didn’t smell a frigging single note of vanilla though, nor did I smell any amber, or musk. I smelled melted grape Dum Dum lollipops. It was a very nice smell, but it was also a scent a toddler would like. It was sugary, powdery, and as girly as hell. I fell sorry for the dumb ass who buys this one thinking it’s a manly smell, because it is NOT manly at all.

Jean Paul Gaultier 2 is a child’s scent…not even a woman’s scent…it is for a kid. Unisex, as in for the kids…for little boys, and girls? Is that what they meant by that unisex thing?

There is no denying it. Jean Paul Gaultier 2 smells like grape lollipops. It smells like candy. There is no other way to put it. There is nothing grown up or sophisticated about the scent. It is what it is, and it is candy.

The candy smell is good though, I won’t lie. It smells lick worthy. If you are into those kiddie fragrances then go for it. If not, run from it.


The lollipop scent stood with me for about an hour. That’s just not long enough for me to find this perfume to be worth a purchase.


I think for what you are getting (candy scented perfume), Jean Paul Gaultier is way too expensive. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that this particular fragrance sells anywhere from $65.00 to $90.00!

Where To Buy:

If you are into melted candy smells then you can pick this one up at any local perfume department store. I would buy it online though, as you will find it for less.