Is it Judicial To Choose Briquettes As A Fuel Source?

Residents of cold countries have a high demand for heating resources. Be it for warmth, cooking, or electric appliances, energy is demanded around the year. Constant use of thermal power or electricity is not judicial for the environment and personal safety where th natural sources like wooden briquettes are applied. Don’t know how the natural products are beneficial over the commercial ones? Check out the major factors which make them a better choice!

Effective fuel resource

If we talk technically, the efficiency of the fuel is of utmost importance. Briquettes can provide 19MJ/kg and burn slowly compared to the gas and oils. They even have a low moisture content as only around 7% of their weight, making them quick to catch fire and burn. 

Cold climates like Estonia claim to demand 175kWh per square meter annually. Statistically, 22 tons of electricity is spent on the mentioned energy whereas only 5.5 tons of briquettes are required. This is a major score to reduce the expenses when fuel for heat is not avoidable

No human and natural hazard

Being naturally sourced, many people mistake them for being toxic and smoky for the environment. But the authentic briquettes and wooden pellets are only made of compressed sawdust without any other additives. Established Estonian companies like PUU24 in Tallinn claim children-safe fuel production to avoid harm. Their products don’t have excessive moisture, which eradicates the smoke, and they are no fossil fuels or chemically processed to release toxins. The coagulants used are also natural tree gum and plant lignin.

Easy to store and use

Briquettes are highly efficient to store, for they are manufactured as small blocks of 1t/m3. Care should be taken to store them in dry and moisture-free places to ensure their longevity. Being safe and efficient, they can be vividly used in cooking, heating, or electricity generating appliances. 

Briquettes largely promote a safe environment and ample heat energy for various purposes. They are natural and suitable to curb the accelerating pollution.