How to properly shave your pubic hair?

Unwanted excessive growth of pubic hair might lead to unnecessary irritations, and if kept for a longer time, then they might also cause several skin infections. Hence, it is highly suggested to remove them at regular intervals. A time gap of three months is enough for removing pubic hair for both males and females. The hair removal procedure basically depends upon the quality of their thickness, and many other factors as well. 

There are various measures by which pubic hair can be removed, and those are listed below: 

  1. Waxing: This procedure is famous by the name of Brazilian wax and mostly opted by the ladies. To go for waxing is a painful method as compared to other techniques. Waxing is performed by those who wish to get rid of their pubic hair for at least three months. The growth process of hair becomes slower if waxing is performed quarterly. 
  2. Laser: This treatment is known to be done by those who permanently want to eliminate their pubic hair. In this method, some kind of radiation is thrown on the hair follicles, and the hair-producing oil glands are somewhat dead by those rays. Thus, it requires many years to begin those glands to start the re-growth process. Thus, for that period, the skin does not face any hair growth issues. 
  3. Trimming: Various kinds of trimmers are available in offline and online stores such as LC and other platforms that show numerous types of trimmers for men and women. Trimmers may be electric and non-electric. The non-electric ones contain a battery and need to be charged when the battery is finished. But seldom use does not make any great impacts on the bill. 
  4. Shaving: The shaving method needs to be cautious when performing it because the shaving cream might consist of some harmful chemicals that can be toxic for your skin and health, therefore, it is suggested to avoid harmful chemicals while buying the shaving creams and soothing agents. 

Steps to consider while removing the pubic hair through shaving:  

  1. Soak in lukewarm water: It is essential to clean all the dirt and pollutants from your pubic area because it helps in the deep cleansing of the skin follicles and make the hair loose for further eradication. Therefore, it is highly recommended to lie in a bathtub full of warm water. 
  2. Scrub: Applying a nice moisturizer before starting the hair removal process is an excellent tip as it enables the pubic hair to become comparatively weak in terms of roots. It would be nice if you exfoliate well before applying any wax or shaving cream. Therefore, it is great if you gently scrub your skin with the tiny particles of the scrubber. The scrubber helps in eradicating the dead skin cells and opens the skin pores deeply. 
  3. Soothing agents: There are gels and creams that provide aid in calming the skin at an extreme level. It is supposed to decrease the possibilities of redness and itchiness after the shaving process. These soothing creams might be having an immense amount of chemicals that might be dangerous for your body. 

  1. Shaving cream: The shaving cream should be free from harmful toxins such as sulfates and parabens, as these are the primary reason for the formation of cancerous cells in the human body. It is always suggested to buy organic and herbal shaving creams as much as possible. 
  2. Trimmers and razors: Shaving your pubic hair with the help of a razor is the best idea. It needs a new blade to fit in your razor, and the dull blades should be thrown out from the shaving kit. The old and rusted blades can enhance the chances of getting prone to tetanus, a disease that attacks the nervous system. It can lead to other diseases as well, such as cervical infection and vaginal cancer, etc. 
  3. Shaving brush: The brush needs to be thoroughly cleaned before touching the skin of the pubic area because the hair of the brush might contain dirt and dust that should be removed before starting the hair removal process.  

These were some of the guidance that is advised to follow while shaving your pubic hair.