How I Lowered My Cholesterol Without Prescription Medicine

Are you worried that your cholesterol may be too high? If you’re in your mid-twenties and have never been checked for cholesterol levels, seeing your doctor may not be a bad idea.

About two years ago, I went to see my doctor to check how high my cholesterol was, and, not to my surprise, it was over 200! I already knew I was overweight, which is what prompted me to set the appointment with him, but I didn’t really know how high of a risk I was for many other heart related problems as well.

So, through some due diligence reading, and delving deep into my doctor’s psyche for over 30 minutes, I came up with some straight forward, every day ideas to lower my cholesterol (and none of these include medicine because, let’s face it; who wants to take cholesterol medicine in their twenties?):


Yeah, it seems obvious, but for us non-professional athlete and marathon runner types with kids and work, keeping up with a steady regimen of exercise on a daily basis is extremely tough to do.

The easiest way to exercise without taking up too much of your time is to walk. That’s right. We do it every day. Just try to do more of it.

I walked every day during lunch time for one hour with a co-worker. I would always split my lunch into two parts; eat one part during mid-morning break and one part during mid-afternoon break (also a great way to cut down your big meals into smaller meals throughout the day).

If you don’t have time during lunch, try walking before or after work. Try taking the bus to work, or, in my case, the commuter train.


Yet another obvious way to lower your cholesterol, but still harder at times to do than you think. Why? Because we all go to the store hungry, buy things we don’t need, and walk out forgetting to buy the things we came for in the first place!

A good way to avoid this is to keep a consistent list of things you need to buy at the store every time you go shopping. For instance, I always buy the same amount of fruits, the same amount of vegetables, and so on.

When I was lowering my cholesterol, I always ate two pieces of fruit in the morning with either cereal, oatmeal, or a piece of bread, and a cup of coffee and juice. I do all these on regular basis just because Getting slimmer arms is a goal for me, as it will enhances my overall look and personality.

For lunch, I normally ate a pre made salad, a sandwich with wheat bread, or something similar and light. Small, healthy snacks throughout the day is helpful too.

For dinner, I cut out starches almost completely. I love my pastas, so it was hard, but I had to do it. Stick with salads, soups, skinless chicken, fish, and some brown rice on the side (only a little bit of brown rice). I also cut my soda intake down to one soda per week. It was hard, but do-able.


Fish Oil Pills contain Omega 3 and other helpful ingredients to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. I took one pill a day in the morning with breakfast. They did wonders for me. I could feel the effects the next day. My blood pressure was down, and I definitely had more energy.

Fish oil pills are inexpensive too. I picked up two bottles for $14.00 at my local grocery store. I would definitely consult your doctor first before starting the fish oil regimen.

These three basic steps are the ONLY steps I took to lowering my cholesterol, and ultimately, dropping over 40 pounds. It took me 6 months to do it, but I stuck to it, and it definitely worked. Everyone is different, therefore the regimen will be different as well from person to person. It will definitely be hard at times (especially when walking past the ruffles chips and Tostito nacho cheese dip… so tasty), but always keep looking ahead towards your goal, and you will achieve results similar to mine.