How Can Home Lasers Both Remove and Grow Hair?

There has been a lot in the media lately about home lasers. I have seen countless articles in newspapers and on the Internet about the benefits of having a laser of your own at home. They claim it saves you money , is easy to use, and has potential skin benefits. There are claims both that the lasers can grow hair and other types can remove hair. How can one product serve two purposes? I was a little confused, so here is what I found out.

There is a product called the Hair Max Laser Comb. It is a rather odd looking contraption, and it claims the benefits of regrowing hair. Studies have shown that if you are looking for minimal hair regrowth, or just extra growth to supplement your main hair regrowth system, this might be the laser for you. It is very expensive though, costing around $550. I think that is a little steep to pay if you are wanting a minimal hair regrowth. For this amount, i want a lot of hair regrowth. But I was curious how it works? The claim is that it delivers a specific wavelength of light that causes the hair follicle to create new hair growth. Supposedly, the short bursts of wavelengths are what triggers the hair regrowth, and it has to be within a certain strength. I suppose this is all programmed into the Hair Max Laser Comb. My suggestion would be to try something a little more sure, that doesn’t cost as much. But if I were a man and desperate, I would try anything. I suppose a little hair growth beats none at all. You can visit for more information on this procedure.

So there is the other side of the coin. Now we know how it creates new hair growth, so how can a similar device stop hair growth, or remove hair altogether? In my research, I kept coming up with the same home hair removal laser system. It is called Epila. The Epila Personel Hair Removal System costs $269. Again, that seems a little expensive for me. It states that the amount of hair you want to remove, has to do with whether the device is set on low, medium or high. For that amount I want all my hair gone! Supposedly the difference between growing hair and removing hair is the amount of the wavelength. So if you want to remove hair, the wavelength is longer. The Epila web site states ” Laser Hair Removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis.” OK, can we speak a foreign language? Simple terms, this is the process of transferring laser energy from the device to the body part being lasered. It gets much more complicated, but I will spare you the details here.

Bottom line is, whether or not you regrow hair or lose hair depends on the wavelength of the laser you are using. If you want hair regrowth, there are short wavelength blasts. If you want hair removal, the blasts are longer. I would be afraid I would want to get rid of unwanted leg hair and grow a forest. So you are on your own if you want to use a home laser for either hair regrowth or hair removal. Good luck!