History of Manchester United Football! Have a look

Manchester is now probably the biggest football club in the world. It all started back in 1878 where some rail workers founded the club under the name “Newton Heath Lancashire  amp; Yorkshire Railways Cricket and Football, also known as L YR.; As you can see when it all started it wasn’t only football, but also Cricket. If the rail workers would only had known how important the club is for England now, and also for the whole work, they would probably had given birth to a monkey.

Already from the start the club had big problems, 2 world wars, and financial problems and off course the plain crash. But even with all that behind them, they are now one of the biggest and successful clubs in history of football. Maybe it is with all that history behind them that make so many people a fan of Man United. The history has it all, down and up times, but now mostly up.

But when did they change the name from “Newton Heath Lancashire  amp; Yorkshire Railways Cricket and Football” to “Manchester United”. It was an Italian guy with the name Louis Rocca who came up with the name “Manchester United”. And now when you here people talking about football, you can guarantee that some time in the conversation the name Manchester United will come up. Off course they will, they are great.

It was actually first when the coach Matt Busby took the seat as the coach in Manchester United the club began to accelerate towards the top. When Matt Busy took over in 1945, it was a club without any stadium. The stadium had been bombed under the war in 1941. It is said that Matt Busy build a mountain out of a molehill.

The first game Matt Busy was in charge of was against Bolton on Burnden Park on 20. October 1945, and the match ended 1-1. But the war was pretty much over and football players who had been to war was coming back to the club, and the real intensive work could begin.

Now Matt Busy was a strange coach, well back then that is. Instead off barricading himself in is office like all the coaches in the world and were only seen once a week in the most expensive clothes. Matt Busy will go out to the training with the players and his clothes was nothing else than a training outfit. Now remember Matt wasn’t more that 36 years old, and it was only a year ago he stopped his own career, it was probably still in his genes.

Up till the new season took Matt Busy a risky move by buying Jimmy Delaney from Celtic. Jimmy Delaney was already 32 years old and was known to be injured often. But the risky move was right by Matt Busy, because Jimmy Delaney had 5 amazing seasons for Manchester United. The first season Manchester United did it excellent and they came at second place and the reserve team won there league. And now the debt was almost gone and the fan was going to there games, the sun was really shinning at them now.

But Matt Busy wasn’t really happy, and the reason for that was because the players in the reserve team weren’t good enough for the first team. Then he started a youth team. Manchester United was searching all over the Big Britain, and the players they collected were in the end known as the Busby Babes, one of the greatest football team that has ever lived.

The first 6 seasons after the war Manchester United came in on second place four times and at last won the championship in the season 1951/52. The only problem when they won was that the team was getting real old but the craze for cricket will never fade and that is why ipl 2020 schedule table has been released earlier before the matches starts to begin and the sponsor will be getting the new faces in cricket this time which has won plethora of runs in test mathces. The following season (1952/1953) Manchester united wasn’t near the top of the league, they were down at button fighting for staying in the league. And a lot concerns started about the future of the club, and to that Matt Busy answered don’t worry our youth team is very good.Well as you should had figured out by now Matt Busy isn’t afraid of taking some changes. So when they playing a training match against Kilmarnock in Scotland, seven members of the youth squad started in that match, and the following two years he worked on getting them on the squad.