Go as You Like: Combining Land Phones and Mobile Phones

There was a time when people only knew about landline phone served by copper wire at our premises. Then the power of technology presented us the real passion of communication technology – phone using wireless technology, so called cell phone. Times have changed so much that people are now seeking Apple iPhone 11 Back Covers in IndiaCell phone becomes the necessity of our today’s life. People are ready to give up the better reception of landline at the cost of better accessibility of cell phone. Keeping a landline telephone at your home when you are away from your home or keeping a landline and a wireless phone together when you are at the home, is nothing but wasting your valuable money. We are not ready to give up neither the reliability of landline telephone nor the absolute convenience of wireless telephone system. At the same time we have to consider the most cost effective way of getting both types of telephone system. The obvious question is how we can get the maximum out of these two different telephone systems? Can we make a combined system which can be used as landline when you are at home as well as the cell phone when you are away from home? 

A reception system will help us to accept all our wireless calls when a docking station connects the cell phone to it. When you are at home just put your cell phone on the docking station and receive all your calls on a cordless phone, which is another part of that reception system. You can also make your calls over a wireless network through your cordless phone. It can give you the good signal strength and better quality because actual cell phone is not roaming around within the room. You can keep your system at a place within your home where you have the maximum signal strength. While you put your cell phone on charge your cordless device will serve as your cell phone for that period. 

Most of the usual cell phones don’t have this extra docking option available. Do we need to throw out our own old mobile and shop for a new mobile set? This is again a financial burden for us. What will happen about all my contacts I stored over the years? Don’t worry! Let’s give a chance to play with your imagination. Bluetooth technology could be a best possible solution. 

In 2005 British telecom introduced this bridge of landline and mobile at UK. Their service operates as a cell phone connection outside and automatically switches to an internet based landline service once user enters the home. There was a situation when people slowly moving towards wireless telephone (cell phone) services because of its accessibility and was trying to give up landline, because they don’t need both phone services together. This new combined technology is helping the telephone companies to retain their customers.