Dating Advice for College Students: Take Your Girlfriend on a Cheap Date

As a college student, I know how tough it is to find enough cash to eat every day, let alone take my girlfriend out for a romantic evening. That is why I have come up with simple ideas that you can use to take your significant other out for a fun and romantic date. Besides using love quotes and other things there are several other cheap ideas that are there in this article that you can use to plan your fun and romantic date. Although you can always start with some cheesy quotes. Looking for the best love quotes for her? You can check this link out. 

1) Picnic: A picnic is easy to plan and very inexpensive. All you need is a blanket, basket, and some basic fixings and you are set. Just preparing a couple of sandwiches ahead of time for the two of you, a bag of chips, and some sodas or beers is quite enough. However, you could spice it up with some fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc.), wine (if you have some extra money to splurge), or some cheap candles. It is all in the presentation. If you set it up well and at a good time (sunset) and/or good location (local park, near a lake, any place with good scenery) the quality of the meal won’t mean a thing. EstimatedTotal Cost: $8

2) Miniature Golf: This is a great date idea if you are looking to have a fun time together. This is also an especially good idea for first-dates or couples that have just started dating. Mini-Golf allows you the opportunity to have fun, goof off, and get to know each other all at the same time. For newer couples, this gives you the opportunity to talk under a relaxed atmosphere as opposed to a dinner and a movie where you feel a lot of pressure the entire time. This is a good date for the middle of the week because most places are open all day long and they are usually less crowded on weekdays so it makes for less downtime between holes. Wherever you live there should be a few options of where to play, but I would go for the cheapest because who really cares if the putting surfaces are high-quality astroturf? Estimated Total Cost: $6

3) Zoo: Who doesn’t enjoy looking at exotic animals that you usually only see on TV? This may sound like more of an idea for a parent to take their children, but trust me, most girls love it. If you have a decent zoo nearby you can have a couple of hours of fun just walking around laughing at all the funny animals or looking at beasts you otherwise would never see. In addition, a lot of zoos have free admission and only make you pay for parking. Estimated Total Cost: $5 (Free admission plus $5 parking)

4) Museums: Most cities, especially larger ones, have multiple free-to-the-public museums that you probably haven’t stepped a foot in since your elementary school field trip. These are a great way to just walk around and enjoy time together. You can even read up on an exhibit or two to impress your special someone. The best part about the museums is after going most people feel better about themselves because they feel more cultured. Estimated Total Cost: $0

5) Movies in the Park: A popular trend for cities is to show free movies in a local park on the weekends. Instead of paying to see the newest action or romantic comedy in a theater, why not go see a classic under the stars. This goes great with the earlier date suggestion of a picnic since you already have the blanket. You will want to check which movies are showing because some nights may be geared more towards children than adults. Estimated Total Cost: $0

6) Hiking or Nature Trail: If you live near an area popular for hiking or biking, this is another great way to enjoy some alone time with each other while simultaneously enjoying the beauties of nature. Many nature centers have hiking, biking, and walking trails so you can pick whichever one fits your needs. This date is more of an afternoon or early evening idea but it can be done for multiple hours if you are motivated enough. You can even bring along that picnic basket and find a nice clearing to enjoy an evening meal. Estimated Total Cost: $0

7) Go Downtown: Cities with a vibrant downtown scene are a great place to enjoy a date. During the warmer months especially, there could be many musical artists performing outside for free or various other artists and vendors displaying their goods. Also, a large number of stores, especially art galleries, stay open extra late on weekends to accompany the increased traffic. Estimated Total Cost: $0

8) Bowling: This is along the same lines as Mini-Golf: a fun, relaxing atmosphere that allows you to get to know each other or just enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Bowling is also popular for double-dates. Some of the newer and nicer bowling alleys could get a bit expensive if you play multiple games but you should be able to find a decent one with decent prices if you take an extra five minutes to call around. Estimated Total Cost: $12 ($4 for 2 pairs of shoes, $2/game: 2 games each= 4 games)

Those are just a few basic ideas that you can use to treat your special someone to a fun or romantic date without going broke. There are probably many other opportunities for you wherever you live, all you have to do is just look around. Many cities also have tourist websites that you can look at to find things that maybe you did not even know were available. In addition, remember, it is okay to do something that you probably have not done since you were a kid. Many times that makes it even more fun because you get to recall childhood memories and feel like a kid again.