Botox in Your Brain

A recent study has revealed that Botox may be dangerous when injected into the face by migrating into the brain. This alarming study comes just weeks after the FDA announced it is going to study the drug to see how safe it really is after it was reported that some children developed botulism after they were injected with Botox that was being used to treat muscle spasms due to cerebral palsy. Botulism can cause the sufferer to become paralyzed and can also be lethal. You can study more about this experiment and its findings at

Experiments performed on cats and mice revealed that a botulinum toxin, which is a similar but not exact preparation of Botox, migrated to parts of the brain and to other areas of the body. It caused muscle weakness in the parts of the body it migrated to and was found in various parts of the brain of laboratory mice that were injected with it. Further studies will have to be conducted to determine if facial Botox injections can cause damage to the brain or muscles and, if so, how much.

Botox cosmetic injections are extremely popular beauty procedures, especially in Hollywood. Botox is also injected into sweat glands to stop excessive sweating and can also be injected into migraine sufferers to help prevent migraines. Side effects of the cosmetic form can include the inability to make facial expressions, respiratory issues, and headaches. It’s also considered to be dangerous for people who have cardiovascular problems.

Like many products in our society, Botox has not been researched enough. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies just don’t do enough research, or they don’t release their findings when it comes to the dangers of drugs, like in the recent Vytorin controversy, in which the company did not release studies that revealed that the drug was basically ineffective for what it was supposed to treat.

We put our faith in the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors, but there are just so many drugs on the market today that have not been thoroughly researched, especially when it comes to long-term side effects. A drug like Botox especially needs to be researched. It is derived from a very deadly toxin, after all.

The bottom line is that the pharmaceutical companies and doctors want to get these drugs on the market and keep them there, whether enough is known about the dangers associated with them or not. It all comes down to the billions of dollars that they can make at the expense of the health of Americans. The sad thing about it is that they have made leaps and bounds when it comes to treating diseases like cancer and AIDS, but these treatments don’t make it on the market. There are many treatments for the deadliest diseases that the FDA just won’t approve. It’s the drugs for small-time issues that make it on the market, and these drugs are just as big health risks and shouldn’t have been approved, either. But they’re the drugs that make the pharmaceutical companies and doctors the most money.

So if you’re willing to risk your body and your life (and not being able to make facial expressions) on filling in a few lines, well, that’s up to you. But with the potentially deadly side effects of Botox, you shouldn’t even have the option to get these injections in the first place.