Borrowing Designer Bags

The online site will allow anyone willing to pay a price, to borrow their stock of designer purses. Sound interesting? Besides that luxurytastic vs designer discreet review are there that you can read in order to take a sneak peek at all the latest designer bags that are there in the market along with that you can even buy these bags at a really great price. 

If you are like one of the thousands of women compelled to purchase designer purses or else nothing, then may be the site for you. The e-tailer is for you if you are interested in having a designer bag, but are not quite willing to pay the prices that come with actual ownership.

The idea behind the website is a new take off the traditional idea of rentals and is an expression of the lengths some people may go to have the look of luxury – even if it is only for a limited amount of time.

For a $9.95 membership fee, users are able to rent a purse of their choice. However, depending on the purse, you will have to pay a weekly or monthly payment to rent that bag. Some of the rental fees will even go as high as $275 per month (if you rent on a monthly basis, but you can also rent on a weekly basis). And if you want something that is really popular, chances are you will end up on a waiting list – very similar to what happens in stores when people want to purchase a handbag.

Couture bags are obviously the most expensive and the rental fees begin at $175. The lowest-priced bags are in the “trendsetter” category and start at $20. Bags in this particular category include Dooney Bourke. Essentially, the company sectioned off their selection of bags into four categories: couture, diva, princess, and trendsetter.

What is different about the rental concept behind this website is that users set their timetable of how long they want to keep the bag. Eventually, of course, it has to be returned.

The website is proof of the label-conscious world we are living in. However, if you are really looking to eek by with a designer bag but still save some money, the website isn’t really for you. In fact, it hardly seems a deal considering you have to pay both a membership fee and a rental fee for something you eventually will have to give back. You might as well splurge for the real thing and simply keep it forever – or keep it for as long as you want and then auction it off on eBay for some amount of profit.

If you do have your heart set on an actually purchasing a designer handbag – or designer anything for that matter, there are many online alternatives that will offer some discounts on what you are looking for.

The site is known for offering pretty good deals on a variety of designer handbags that could get you up to 40 percent off the retail price. The only problem is that unlike the actual stores, nothing is guaranteed on this website. However, if you are not demanding something extremely up to the minute, chances are that you will find it for a good deal and you will actually be purchasing it (as opposed to renting it).

Like, is another online retailer of designer goods. They have everything from purses to women’s and men’s apparel. Plus, they carry beauty products and fragrances. Labels include Dior and Vuitton along with many more.

And of course, if you want the ultimate in deals, you can always try your luck bidding for something on eBay – though the chances of finding exactly what you are looking for are not as good as going to online retailers like or