Birthday Party Candy Belts and Jewelry

Don’t you love it when your child’s birthday rolls around again and you get to have all that fun? It’s exciting to find a different cake and put up entirely new decorations to create a party which is unique each year. At this birthday party the kids are going to love the favors. They’ll go crazy when you hand them over belts, bracelets, necklaces and more. Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend a fortune going out and buying all new accessories for the party guests. You can make them for next to nothing. And, the accessories you create will be made of candy – the perfect party favors for a birthday.

There are many different ways to make fashion accessories from candy. Use single-wrapped gumballs to make a belt, anklet, bracelet or necklace. Simply tape the wrappers together, end-to-end, and make it as long as you need. Tape the ends together after the accessory is placed on the child or use adhesive Velcro dots to make a closure.

Make a belt and other jewelry by using a piece of wide ribbon or binding. Cut it to be long enough to wrap around the waist, wrist or other area. Use double-sided tape to attach Starburst Fruit Chews on the ribbon. Leave a tiny gap between each square candy so the belt or jewelry will bend easily. At the ends of the belt use a Velcro dot to create the closure. Or, leave ribbon hanging long and the belt can be tied onto the child.

Starburst aren’t the only wrapped candies you can use for a belt. Fun size candy bars work really well but are a bit chunky for a bracelet or necklace. Other candies you can use for belts as well as jewelry include Junior Mints, sticks of gum and after-dinner mints which are individually wrapped.

Make fun, candy earrings for the girls at the party by purchasing a bag of earring hardware from a craft store. Buy the type which features a flat, metal disk as the front of the earring. These are sold in a bag of several for a buck or two. It’s best if you purchase the type which has a magnetic backing since they can be worn by girls with or without pierced ears. Use double-sided tape to stick one candy onto each earring hardware piece. Suitable candies include Starburst, mints and gumballs. Don’t forget to offer single earrings for the boys who want to wear one.

Look online or locally for other types of candies to make even more jewelry and accessories for this year’s birthday party. The cake, games and laughter will be had by all but the party favors will be everyone’s favorite part.

Internet is the best source of medium you can find today to discover something new and as far as birthdays go, some of the best ornaments that will be adorned by the women folk will make them the cynosure of all eyes while kids are anyway suckers for candies and chocolates and are perfectly willing to kill for them without blinking an eyelid. Make this birthday joyous and happening with the help of aforementioned points and you will see the results with your own eyes, which will be different from a caricature Singapore party.