Angry Birds Launching into Space: Why Are They Still Angry?

Angry Birds is getting ready to launch into Outer Space, and on March 22nd the game will hit the open market. The Angry Birds: Space theme will be the fourth game in the series including the themes Rio and Seasons. Angry Birds: Space even lifted off with assistance from NASA, to promote the space program. The Birds have their own short videos, a large merchandise market, and a prominent impact on pop culture. These Birds have been involved in everything from government hoaxes to boycotts. Which is why everyone loves these notorious birds. Similarly, we have Minecraft that are equally popular. With minecraft shader packs players around the globe are in love with this game even more. We can download minecraft with free of cost from website

Birds by the numbers:

  • Rovio is based in Finland and was founded in 2003. 
  • Angry Birds debuted in 2009.    
  • Angry Birds had over 500 million downloads at the end of 2011.   

1 million Angry Birds downloads occur daily.  With an estimated 300 million minutes the game is played daily, why would the Birds be Angry? A hoax by a Blogger claimed there is a hard legislation push by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to ban the game in the United States. They sparked the claims that the game promotes revenge, suicide bombing, and genocide. This also included a hoax in the Philippines, which claimed there was a bill entered to ban Angry Birds merchandise.

Merchandise of the Angry Birds includes Halloween costumes, which was used by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to boycott a California Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant. The protesters, dressed as various Bird characters held signs outside the San Jose KFC. These signs included sayings like, “KFC makes us angry” and “Green Pigs are not the enemy, The Colonel is.”

Little birds “tweeting” on Twitter lead to the collaboration of Rovio with NASA on the new game last year. NASA saw an opportunity to expose a new generation to the wonders of Space and Science. There will be a zero-gravity setting on the levels and it will include six new characters designed to work with the gravity setting. NASA wanted to work closely with the physics and gravity part of the game and they are receiving no financial gain from Rovio or the Angry Birds profits.

The NASA program is slowly dwindling after numerous budget cuts and the end of the Space Shuttle Program in July 2011. They are starting to blaze the trail of human commercial travel into space, for the purpose of creating an interest in space within the American culture. Angry Birds will be NASA to the forefront of the new American generation, in hopes of securing U.S. Government leadership in the space program once again.

These little birds have nothing to be angry about, considering they are worth over $1 billion. They are also in talks with China about a special theme park dedicated to the Angry Birds. Those birds have sling-shot an estimated 400 billion times and they don’t plan on stopping there. The birds are not terrorists or suicide bombers, they are cultural sensations making strides in not only in creative methods of protesting but securing financial grants for the space program.