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Dating Advice for College Students: Take Your Girlfriend on a Cheap Date

As a college student, I know how tough it is to find enough cash to eat every day, let alone take my girlfriend out for a romantic evening. That is why I have come up with simple ideas that you can use to take your significant other out for a fun and romantic date. Besides using love quotes and other things there are several other cheap ideas that are there in this article that you can use to plan your fun and romantic date. Although you can always start with some cheesy quotes. Looking for the best love quotes for her? You can check this link out. 

1) Picnic: A picnic is easy to plan and very inexpensive. All you need is a blanket, basket, and some basic fixings and you are set. Just preparing a couple of sandwiches ahead of time for the two of you, a bag of chips, and some sodas or beers is quite enough. However, you could spice it up with some fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc.), wine (if you have some extra money to splurge), or some cheap candles. It is all in the presentation. If you set it up well and at a good time (sunset) and/or good location (local park, near a lake, any place with good scenery) the quality of the meal won’t mean a thing. EstimatedTotal Cost: $8

2) Miniature Golf: This is a great date idea if you are looking to have a fun time together. This is also an especially good idea for first-dates or couples that have just started dating. Mini-Golf allows you the opportunity to have fun, goof off, and get to know each other all at the same time. For newer couples, this gives you the opportunity to talk under a relaxed atmosphere as opposed to a dinner and a movie where you feel a lot of pressure the entire time. This is a good date for the middle of the week because most places are open all day long and they are usually less crowded on weekdays so it makes for less downtime between holes. Wherever you live there should be a few options of where to play, but I would go for the cheapest because who really cares if the putting surfaces are high-quality astroturf? Estimated Total Cost: $6

3) Zoo: Who doesn’t enjoy looking at exotic animals that you usually only see on TV? This may sound like more of an idea for a parent to take their children, but trust me, most girls love it. If you have a decent zoo nearby you can have a couple of hours of fun just walking around laughing at all the funny animals or looking at beasts you otherwise would never see. In addition, a lot of zoos have free admission and only make you pay for parking. Estimated Total Cost: $5 (Free admission plus $5 parking)

4) Museums: Most cities, especially larger ones, have multiple free-to-the-public museums that you probably haven’t stepped a foot in since your elementary school field trip. These are a great way to just walk around and enjoy time together. You can even read up on an exhibit or two to impress your special someone. The best part about the museums is after going most people feel better about themselves because they feel more cultured. Estimated Total Cost: $0

5) Movies in the Park: A popular trend for cities is to show free movies in a local park on the weekends. Instead of paying to see the newest action or romantic comedy in a theater, why not go see a classic under the stars. This goes great with the earlier date suggestion of a picnic since you already have the blanket. You will want to check which movies are showing because some nights may be geared more towards children than adults. Estimated Total Cost: $0

6) Hiking or Nature Trail: If you live near an area popular for hiking or biking, this is another great way to enjoy some alone time with each other while simultaneously enjoying the beauties of nature. Many nature centers have hiking, biking, and walking trails so you can pick whichever one fits your needs. This date is more of an afternoon or early evening idea but it can be done for multiple hours if you are motivated enough. You can even bring along that picnic basket and find a nice clearing to enjoy an evening meal. Estimated Total Cost: $0

7) Go Downtown: Cities with a vibrant downtown scene are a great place to enjoy a date. During the warmer months especially, there could be many musical artists performing outside for free or various other artists and vendors displaying their goods. Also, a large number of stores, especially art galleries, stay open extra late on weekends to accompany the increased traffic. Estimated Total Cost: $0

8) Bowling: This is along the same lines as Mini-Golf: a fun, relaxing atmosphere that allows you to get to know each other or just enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Bowling is also popular for double-dates. Some of the newer and nicer bowling alleys could get a bit expensive if you play multiple games but you should be able to find a decent one with decent prices if you take an extra five minutes to call around. Estimated Total Cost: $12 ($4 for 2 pairs of shoes, $2/game: 2 games each= 4 games)

Those are just a few basic ideas that you can use to treat your special someone to a fun or romantic date without going broke. There are probably many other opportunities for you wherever you live, all you have to do is just look around. Many cities also have tourist websites that you can look at to find things that maybe you did not even know were available. In addition, remember, it is okay to do something that you probably have not done since you were a kid. Many times that makes it even more fun because you get to recall childhood memories and feel like a kid again.

Preventing Foot Problems

They say that the foot is the body’s foundation and if you don’t treat your feet right everything else will come crashing down. This is why, for those who have problems with their feet, use of mindinsole shoes is highly recommended. A sore foot can be one of the most irksome pains on your body. Your shoe won’t fit right, you can’t walk normally, and God forbid if you stub an already sore toe. There are some methods for preventing foot problems, however, and if you can’t prevent it then at least treat it.

Blisters are probably the most common foot ailment. The most common cause of blisters are shoes or socks that don’t fit right or are too tight. Your feet sweat and then the friction caused by that rubbing creates a blister. Pretty obvious preventative steps here: wear shoes and socks that fit! If you’ve got a pair shoes that you just can’t bear to give up, or even a pair of lucky socks, you can always go the route of rubbing your feet down with moisturizer before putting shoes or socks on. That will cut down on the friction. If it’s too late for that and you’ve already got the blister going, the best thing is soak your feet in plain water, let it dry completely and then apply an antibiotic ointment before covering with a bandage. Oh, and one word about blisters. Even though you may have heard reports to the contrary and even though you may think it’s your only option, don’t give in to temptation and pop the blister. All you’re doing is sending out party invitations to bacteria and next thing you know you’re infected.

Speaking of infections, a major proportion of the population suffer from fungal infections of the toe or nails. If you’re itching between your toes, if the skin down there is all crackly or discolored, if the nail is separating then you are probably in store for a fungal infection. Your mother may have told you some frightening fairy tales about all the things you can catch from sitting on a public toilet that aren’t really true, but take just one step into a public bathroom without your shoes and you are letting yourself in for one of these bad boys. If you don’t keep your feet clean, that’s not going to help either. Once you’ve contracted a fungal infection, there are fungicides on the market that should help without resorting to a doctor for the harder prescriptive stuff. Most of these powders, creams and lotions are pretty good at keeping the fungi from spreading.

Ingrown toenails are possibly the worst as far as pain goes. Depending on how ingrown the toenail gets, you are in for discomfort from the time you get up until the time you get up again. The best way to prevent this is quite simple. Just don’t clip your nails down too far, cut them evenly across and file off any sharp points. Some people have a nervous habit of playing with their toenails, causing them to tear and then they go ahead and tear it off and down into the quick. If you’ve got this habit, try to drop it and develop another. Just don’t take up smoking. If you’ve already got the ingrown toenail as you read this, you don’t even have to leave the computer for long. Get a bucket to soak your foot in and get yourself an over the counter ointment. If the wound becomes increasingly painful or a horrifying shade of red, then you should leave the computer long enough to see a podiatrist. You’ll probably just get some big time oral antibiotics, but if it’s bad enough you may be subject to minor surgery there in the office.

Why are they called corns? I don’t know and I haven’t found out yet. Tried. Corns are basically just another name for calluses. Once again, the culprit here are shoes that just don’t fit. It may not necessarily be because they are too tight, however. The design just may be wrongheaded for your foot and so you wind up with just a spot of the shoe rubbing against your foot or toe. One alternative is buy a corn pad and place it on the area getting rubbed against. The only thing about that is if you buy those medicated corn pads the acids in them will eat through the pad and then start eating into your skin. Another alternative is to see if you can get anything from putting the shoes up for saleon Ebay. But don’t try cutting off that corn or callus by yourself. This is technically surgery as it results in the removal of one part of your body from another part of your body. Muck it up and you could be in for a much worse condition than just having the callus. Instead, soak your feet and then use one of those pumice stones to rub the dead skin away.

If you know the origin of the term corn, would you mind it placing it inside that little box on the right there? I’m sure we’d all love to know.

Clickjack Schemes Running Rampant Through Social Networks

Webpedia defines “clickjacking” as “a vulnerability used by an attacker to collect an infected user’s clicks.” When someone’s account is infected, it will redirect the user to sites that could have malware, adjust computer code, or secretly inform people in your feed that you “like” a site because you’ve fallen prey to an interesting link which, when clicked, then encourages others to click on the same link, thus spreading the virus. If an item shows up in your Facebook news feed that claims you’ve “liked” it and encourage others to view it, you’ve probably been the victim of a clickjack scheme.

Recent clickjack attacks have appeared in the form of viral videos about Miley Cyrus, or they have suggestive or partially nude people in the screencap that’s shown, and a particularly virulent scheme making the rounds on Facebook falsely reported the death of actor Charlie Sheen. The profile of the person should be good for instant likes on the account of the product. The promotion of the products will be excellent through the like on the photos and videos.

Even worse are viral clickjacks that take advantage of interest in the recent tragedy in Japan. Less than a day after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami hit the island, bogus videos began circulating on Facebook that claimed to show a whale that had been “launched into a building” — a particularly sneaky and opportunistic attack, in light of the millions of people around the world who are trying to obtain the latest information about the disaster.

As early as October 2008, Adobe acknowledged that Flash was particularly vulnerable to attacks and identified clickjacking as “a critical issue”; Adobe responded by offering a workaround for versions of Flash 9.0 and earlier. Installation of Flash 10 seems to prevent most of the trouble, according to Jeremiah Grossman of White Hat Security, who was in part responsible for identifying the threat to Adobe Systems.

Other clickjack scams recently making the rounds on Facebook include: “This girl killed herself because her dad posted this video on her wall,” “From couple to family in 39 months” and “Girl accidentally sends dad SMS about her first time” — all of these are scams, and variations of each are popping up all over Facebook under a variety of names, which then direct you to complete a survey or submit personal information, such as a cell phone number.

Many similar attacks come in the shape of “likejacks” — copycat game application messages that are fake, and take advantage of the typical game play tactics that encourage players to be the first to click on the available goodies in their links. A popular target for these “likejackers” is the Zynga game Farmville, which generates a large number of posts for any player who engages in regular legitimate game play. Copycat posts will often feature freebies that look very similar to official game-generated items, and it’s sometimes difficult to stop these posts from becoming viral for that reason.

For now, the easiest way to prevent the spread of clickjack links is to delete posts you may have inadvertently made by clicking on one of these links. Be very wary of any site that asks you to give personal information or answer questions to get anything. Subscribe to a scam monitoring page like Sophos on Facebook, so that you get the latest news on scams. And, by all means, alert those people you see whose profiles or posts seem to have been clickjacked so they do not spread the posts to everyone else on their news feed.

Target’s Designer Shoe Knock-Offs: Too Good to Be True?

It used to be that when you went to a discount store like Target or Kmart, all you could expect to find in the shoe aisle would be cheap synthetics that would fall apart in less than a year. Think Payless Shoes, without the convenience and selection. If you wanted a quality shoe, you’d have to go to a department store or a brand-name reseller like Burlington Coat Factory or Marshall’s.

But that was then, and this is now. Target has paired up with designers like Isaac Mizrahi to make less expensive versions of high-end designer shoes, and the results are great for footwear fashion. However, if you want the best insoles that are really comfortable for your feet then you should always go for original shoes since these knock offs have an average quality shoe insole that you might not find comfortable. 

Good wide calf boots are particularly hard to find, and particularly in demand for the fall season. With that in mind, Target has taken a stylish Isaac Mizrahi boot, and added a stretch panel for wide calves, offering the Chiara Extended-Calf Boot. This boot is reported to fit up to a 17″ calf and sells for only $37. And it’s not just black-it comes in stone too.

The Steve Madden version of the pointy-toed black dress skimmer will run you about $80 retail, but Target is offering a delightful version by Mossimo with a leather upper for only $20. And this isn’t the only Steve Madden designer shoe knock-off that Target is offering in their shoe department. Steve Madden’s darling pointed-toe Sybel pump will cost you about $65 retail, but Target offers a near-exact copy for $20.

Then there’s the ubiquitous jeweled Steven Madden Rios sandal, seen everywhere this summer-a cross between bohemia and gladiator-chic. The real version is still selling for almost $60 even at the end of the season, but Target’s duplicate is only $25.

The quality detailing of these designer knock-offs is remarkable, though sometimes the originals seem to have been copied a little too closely. Steve Madden’s Rios sandals ran on the small side, and so did Target’s designer knock-off version. The Sybel pump caused women to anguish by being too cute to return, but too painful to wear. The Target designer shoe knock-off is an exact duplicate, right down to the pain.

Target perhaps does better when it follows trends instead of making carbon-copies. Target kept up with the metallic trend this summer by designing a number of unique designer-like shoes that weren’t exact copies. This fall, they seem poised to take advantage of similar trends without necessarily duplicating the shoe right down to the toe-scrunching detail.

For example, Yellow Box sells a gorgeous low-profile designer flat with unique low-cut sides for about $60. Target didn’t duplicate this shoe exactly, but rather, mimicked the shape with their Cherokee Bella Cutout Flats for $20.

Pelle Moda has a hot animal print ballet skimmer priced at $113, ideal for jeans and skirts. But Target’s version has a wider foot-bed, a larger bow, and visible stitching. Now, it’s true that Pelle Moda’s version is made with real animal hair, but since Target is only charging $30 bucks for their stylish leopard flat, are you really going to complain?

And taking advantage of a trend towards lower-profile athletic shoes now being hawked by manufacturers like Puma, Target is offering the lightweight Xhiliaration Sydney Track-Style shoe for $18.

In the end, it isn’t just the low price of these faux designer shoes that make them worth a look. It’s that real effort is being made to bring designer shoe aesthetics to the masses. Target is onto something, and for the sake of our feet and our wallets, we wish them the best.

Tips For Cleaning Outdoor Swimming Pools In The Summer

Cleaning your outdoor swimming pool doesn’t have to be an onerous task if you use the following tips.

The best tip for cleaning your outdoor swimming pool is to keep it well maintained. Do not fall behind on regular cleaning tasks, and your pool should be a zip to clean. Books on how to clean and upkeep your outdoor swimming pool can be found at

Make sure your filtration sytem is working, filters are clean and that your pool has proper ph levels. Pool supply stores sell kits that you can use to test your water’s ph levels and can recommend how to adjust them as nessacery. The swimming lessons adults take should be in the clean water. The health of the child should not be affected through the hygienic water of the swimming pool.

Use a manual brush brush on your outdoor pools walls and floors, at least once a week, even if your pool is equipped with an automatic system. There are some places in every pool that the automatic cleaning systems miss. Pay attension to any areas that may be hard to reach such as corners or under your pool’s stairs. Pool brushes can be found at most superstores, such as Walmart or at on-line stores, such as

Rember to also use your pool vacuum once a week, also. Whether it is one that connects to your pool’s exhisting circulation sytem or a vacuum that runs on its own power. Pool vaccuums and accessories can be found on-line or at home super stores, such as Home Depot.

Use a pool sanitizer weekly to help fight any bacteria in your swimming pool. Clorine is the most common way to sanitize your outdoor swimming pool. Sanitizers can be found at

Shock your pool every two weeks before adding chlorine. The shock will clean out any leftover debris from clorine’s interaction with the pool water. Shock can be found at most hardware stores, such as Ace Hardware.

Always use the pool cleaner recommended by your outdoor swimming pool’s manufacturer. Pool supply stores can help you find out which cleaner the manufacturer reccomends.

Use a leaf skimmer to to remove large pieces of debris from your pool. This long-handled net is the quickest way to remove objects from the surface of your pool before they settle on the pool’s floor. has many pool skimmers to chose from. Your local hardware store, such as True Value, will also have pool skimmers in stock during the summer.

A handy trick to skimming your pool is get into the water and walk around the outer edge until you create a whirlpool effect. This will bring up debris on the bottom of the pool. You can then stand in the center of your pool with your skimmer and the net will catch all the dirt with little effort on your part.

Do not forget the outside of your swimming pool, especially if you have a stand alone pool. No one is going to want to test the waters if your outside pool walls are dirty. They will assume that the inside of your pool is equally nasty. The outside walls of your pool and pool steps are most easily cleaned with a garden hose.

Following these tips will help give you the nice clean, sparkling pool of your dreams with the least amount of hassle.

New to Yahoo Contributor Network? How to Use the Social Networking Features

If you’re new to Yahoo Contributor Network, you may not have given the social aspects much thought. If you have, but you haven’t done much social networking online, it may be slightly confusing at first. How can you communicate with other contributors? Is it necessary? How does it all work and what does Yahoo Contributor Network have to offer in this area?

Article Comments

If you’ve read any articles on Yahoo Destinations like Yahoo Voices, omg!, or Shine, then you likely know there is a comment section. It’s near the bottom of the article page. If you enjoy an article, you can let the writer know by leaving remarks in the text box and submitting them. This is the same for videos, slideshows, and other content. Some people like to leave comments and some don’t. Is it necessary? Of course not. However, it can be fun. You may find you also enjoy receiving comments on your own work. Some like to carry on conversations in the comment section of articles. Bookmarking them for future viewing can be helpful in this instance.

Yahoo Contributor Network Messaging System

The messaging system saves people from having to give out emails if they want to converse with fellow contributors. It’s also simple because you can message someone from a comment they’ve made, from a forum post, or from their Yahoo contributor page. While the option is there to message fellow contributors, that privilege shouldn’t be abused. For instance, harassing, spamming, stalking, soliciting, scamming, and the like is not appropriate use of the PM system.


The Yahoo Contributor Network Forum is a great way to keep up with what’s going on. This is where staff updates us on issues. It’s also where contributors can share tips and advice, discuss Yahoo Contributor Network and content creation for the Yahoo network, and also just have fun and socialize. Before posting, be sure to read the rules as well as make sure you are posting in the proper area. It’s wise to scan the forum and even do a forum search to be sure there isn’t already a post on that topic. If you want to quote someone’s response when replying, hit the quote button after clicking reply. That inserts their remarks right before yours so everyone knows what you are responding to.

Fans and Favorites

If you want to become someone’s fan, you can do so by clicking “add to favorites” on their contributor profile. If you’d like to receive an email each time someone publishes new content, click “subscribe” on their contributor page. When you subscribe to someone, you automatically become a fan. Instagram is a emerging social media site that involved account of the young generation. The availability of the followers will be at cheap rates on lightninglikes online site. 

Should You Get Involved in the Social Aspects of Yahoo Contributor Network?

Whether you get involved in the social aspects of Yahoo Contributor Network or not is strictly up to you. It isn’t necessary, but many enjoy the interaction available. You may choose to participate in one or all of the above activities. If you enjoy communicating with others, you may decide to participate in the community. Some choose only to write (or otherwise create content) and do nothing else. Trying out some of the above may help you decide. Some benefits to socializing on Yahoo Contributor Network include making friends, gaining some readership, and learning. Ultimately, it’s your decision and if you aren’t comfortable, there’s no need to worry about it. However, if you are interested, this community can be very welcoming.

10 Things to Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic for everyone involved even when there is little damage done. These accidents make you nervous about driving and make you shaky for weeks after the fact. However, your body may not be the only thing that is shaky if you do not take the proper steps after your accident. When you are in a car accident that is not your fault and you don’t live in a “no-fault” state, then these are the ten steps that you need to take.

Step 1 – Document the Scene

Use your phone camera or a digital camera that you have with you to take photographs of the scene right after it occurs. This will help to support your claims of what happened. Make sure to capture images that clearly show where the cars were when they collided, as well as to document.

Step 2 – Contact the Police

If you want insurance to cover your car damage and your subsequent medical bills you generally will need a police report of the accident scene. Even if the damage is minimal it is still a good idea to document the facts of the accident by a police officer.

Step 3 – Gather Witness Information

If there is a lot of damage to your vehicle or if you have personal injuries, then gather contact information of witnesses. If you are injured too badly have your passenger gather witness information. Or take photographs of license plates near the accident.

Step 4 – Exchange Insurance information

Get the insurance information from the person responsible for the accident. You will need this to file a claim.

Step 5 – Get Checked Out by a Doctor Right Away

Even minor car collisions can cause internal injuries that are not visible to the naked eye. Going to a doctor will ensure that you are aware of any medical problems that are related to the accident before you agree to a settlement. A car accident lawyer with the Advocates can be of great help in such events. This is why it is recommended that you always communicate with your lawyer. 

Step 6 – Talk to Your Attorney

Having an attorney on your side from the beginning is going to make the process go smoother. They will be able to handle the details of your accident claim while you focus on healing. They will also be able to speed things up so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. 

Step 7 – File Your Insurance Claim

Call the responsible party’s insurance carrier as soon as possible to file your claim. They will be able to confirm that the person is insured, they will be able to tell you where to take your car for repairs and quotes and they will provide you with the forms to fill out.

Step 8 – Keep a Journal

Start a journal that documents everything that happens from the time of the accident to the time you make your final settlement. Document doctor’s visits, phone conversations, car quotes, car repair bills and meetings with your attorney. You will be able to refer to this information if your case goes to court.

Step 9 – Be Timely With Your Paperwork

Don’t lag behind when filling out paperwork. Complete it quickly and double-check it for accuracy. The quicker you are at completing the red tape the sooner you will be reimbursed for the damages you sustained.

Step 10 – Follow Doctor’s Instructions

If you were injured in the accident and received medical treatment follow your doctor’s orders to the “T.” Your case may be questioned if you are seen working in your yard when you are supposed to be confined to bed rest. Disobeying your doctor can lead to accusations of insurance fraud, so play it safe and do as you’re told.


Learn How To Create A Professional Curriculum Vitae

Professionals dedicated to the recruitment of staff expected that the CV is the expression of clear and concise information on personal data, training and professional experience of the person who seeks a job. In this article we briefly develop a practical guide on how to assemble a curriculum vitae (CV) correctly.

Curriculum Vitae plays a triple role:

– Introduce yourself to your future employer.

– Focusing attention during the first interview about the most important aspects of your personality and your academic work and travel.

– After the interview, remember your future employer data that best speak to you.

In the structure, the CV must contain the following elements:

Title: This should contain “Curriculum Vitae” of (name of person), or just “Curriculum Vitae”.

Personal Data: Name, date and place of birth, marital status, home address, contact phone number, email address, etc..

Education: Studies have been conducted, indicating dates, center, and place were given. Should only be placed on the last level of study, for example, if you have a university degree, be omitted from the primary and secondary education, since for obvious reasons is that they were completed.

Language: This section lists the languages you know and your level. If you get a recognized degree, such as ‘First Certificate’ in Spanish, attesting to your knowledge in these fields, enter it.

Informatics: Points you have those skills: operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, internet, etc.

Other interesting facts: In this final section outlines all the aspects that have not yet been included, such as driving license, own car, availability for travel, hobbies, interests, etc.

Chronological Resume: Allows you to present information from the oldest to the most recent. This format has the advantage of highlighting the history. The chronological resume is best for people who have a stable career and ascending, smooth or blank periods unjustified. This type of document focuses more on job performance in the skills learned. This format has the advantage of highlighting the developments in a clear and precise way.

Reverse chronological order Curriculum Vitae: Less traditional presentation increasingly gaining ground. Is to start with the most recent data. Has the advantage of highlighting the most recent of which are obviously of more interest to those responsible for hiring new employees.

Functional CV: This model is best suited for those who have stayed too long in jobs irrelevant, have been long periods of unemployment or frequent changes of employment.

The functional resume distributing the information by topic and provides a quick understanding of training and experience in a given area. It’s a perfect marketing tool because, as it does not follow a chronological progression, allows you to select the positive and ignore the errors of travel, periods of unemployment, frequent job changes, etc..

Finally, some tips to consider in preparing your CV:

– Do not exceed one or two pages. Must be specific and brief, avoiding long sentences and paragraphs. Nobody reads a curriculum from start to finish like a drafting.

– Taking care of the style and avoid spelling errors.

– The wording should be impersonal and avoid long paragraphs, repetition, vagueness and the subjective ratings.

– Before the delivery, should be submitted to a critical reading by third parties of construction recruitment because they sometimes charges for extra fees of forms that is not allowed by the agency and do reduce it the agency has listed all the jobs directly on their website.

– Use quality white paper, characters appropriate to the content, presentation to facilitate graceful reading.

– Photographs are included only if requested. Must be recent, passport-sized and digitized.

– Do not place desirable salary, unless the company or institution upon request. If necessary, investigate the salary ranges of the post to which they aspire in relation to the experience.

What Will You Prefer A CBD Tincture Or A Vape Pen?

CBD is a natural cannabinoid in hemp, and it is known to offer endless medicinal advantages. A number of items, including vapor water, foodstuffs, CBD oil tinctures, capsules, and cream, can be filled with CBD. CBD oil is known to be effective in curing depression, heart disease, and epileptic symptoms.

Both dropping and vaping CBD oil make it enter your bloodstream faster than the pills. It is because they bypass the digestive system sending the CBD straightaway to your bloodstream. The tinctures usually use the glands and skin inside your mouth to help CBD enter into your body. Vaping, on the other hand, uses the lungs, and is, therefore, penetrates in a much faster way than the other method. The CBD tinctures are easier to measure, and for those who’re starting to take CBD for the first time, this method should be the preferred way to build your correct dose. Tinctures can also be considered to be better than vape pens because they don’t cause heating sensation to your throats. 

Does CBD Vapor Oil Consistency Vary From The Tincture Of CBD Oil?

Like any other type of product, CBD oil or juice is usually a mixture of CBD and alcohol for inhalation, depending on the component and methods to be used. Then what makes a  perfect for CBD Vape Oil?

  1. Take a higher level of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) as an alcohol portion instead of Propylene Glycol (PG) for better health exposure. 
  2. Whether it is a full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, such extraction techniques catch more terpenes, known to be more effective than CBD isolate extracts. In order to improve the feeling, certain terpenes can be applied to the vapor concentrate. 

How Are CBD Tinctures Developed, And What Are The Advantages?

CBD tinctures are usually made of 60 to 70 percent alcohol from cannabis flowers and are mostly used to relieve anxiety or discomfort. Tinctures are effective, long-lasting, and easy to digest when administered in the mouth. The number of drops taken can be modified according to your age and the level of effectiveness.

The Major Advantages You Can Get From Using CBD Oil Are:

    • In recent years, researchers have found that CBD oil can even alleviate cancer-related symptoms and can strengthen your immunity.
    • CBD oil has proven effective as a cure for both depression and anxiety, which has contributed to this natural approach for many who deal with these diseases.


  • CBD also can help reduce nausea and vomiting from the process of chemotherapy, which is one of the more common side effects for those who are suffering from cancer.


Can You Use Cbd Vape Oil As A Tincture?

It completely relies on the type of oil you’re using. The rest of the genuine cbd cartridge is made out of distillation. Ingesting CBD is much more effective than using a vaporizer to chew it. Alternatively, CBD oil is known as hemp oil, and it is typically an oral hue. It often includes MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil and is not ideal for inner ventilation. A tincture may give a wide range of hemp compounds than an oil extraction. Alcoholics also use hemp oil rather than a tincture. Hemp oil is usually easier to apply and less intrusive, while it can be even applied topically.

How To Clean Vinyl Blinds With Natural Homemade Cleaners

Cleaning vinyl blinds is a job that has to be done regularly in order to prevent dust buildup and stains. However, it is very easy to forget about them and let several months pass before we remember to clean them, usually because something got spilled on the blinds or they simply got too dusty.

There are many products that can be used in order to make vinyl blinds sparkle again, but they are often full of harmful chemicals we may not want to use near pets, children or while pregnant. Luckily, a very efficient and safe way to clean them is to use a few simple household ingredients and water in 5 easy steps. All you will need is some baking soda or soap, a little apple cider vinegar, and an old bed sheet or towel. Soon, your vinyl blind will look new again. With these simple ingredients, you get the lowest price promise when it comes to cleaning your blinds.

Step one: Prepping the vinyl blinds:

Run some very warm water in a bathtub so that the bottom of it is completely covered, along with a few drops of liquid soap or some baking soda. You don’t need very much water at this point. Then, remove all your blinds off the windows and set them, two at a time, in the bathtub. If they are not completely submerged with water, run a little more so that the water covers the vinyl blinds by about an inch.

Step 2: Soaking the vinyl blinds:

Let your vinyl blinds soak for about 5 minutes. The soap or baking soda will act as an alkaline agent to remove any grease which may be present on the blades. If you like, move the blinds in the water with your hand to help loosen any stubborn stains. Homemade cleansers made with baking soda and water are very gentle yet also very effective.

Step 3: Rinsing the vinyl blinds:

At this point, any dirt should be soaked with water and homemade cleanser. You can go ahead and drain the bathtub. Then, using the shower head (one with a slightly strong water jet setting is preferred), rinse off the vinyl blinds not forgetting the top section which cannot be easily cleaned with a duster.

Step 4: Shining the vinyl blinds:

Lay the vinyl blinds flat on an old bed sheet or a similar large piece of cloth, and generously spray them with a mix of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water. Do not worry about the vinegar smell, it will go away very quickly. Vinegar water is a powerful homemade cleanser, and it’s also perfectly safe.

Step 5: Drying the vinyl blinds:

Using a dry towel, dry every blade by hand. Check for any leftover stains. If needed, spray a little more vinegar water on them and scrub them slightly. This will not take long as most of the water will already be absorbed by the bedsheet. You can put the vinyl blinds back up without drying them, but they will be a lot more susceptible to gather dust, and you may end up with hard water stains that will be visible on dark colored blinds.

That’s it! You can now hang the vinyl blinds back up.

While this cleaning process is very quick and easy and will not take more than 20 minutes for a few blinds, it still takes time, and regular maintenance will ensure that you won’t need to clean them more than a few times a year at most. Simply include in your cleaning routine regular dusting of the vinyl blinds. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can also be used but is more clumsy and not nearly as effective. Occasionally, you may want to wipe the blades with a cloth sprayed with a little water-vinegar solution as well and make sure to dust them afterward in case some dust got stuck to the water while they were drying.