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3 Natural Hairstyles Made Easy with Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today

During my natural hair journey — yes it is a journey — I am always on the look out for products as my hair’s needs change. One product that has been hard for me to find is a good leave-in conditioner. A fellow naturalista and friend of mine swears by a product by Kinky-Curly called Knot Today. So when I won a $10 Amazon gift card, I decided to purchase a bottle and give it a try. I found that this product made three of my favorite natural hairstyles easy to do.

Wash and Go’s Made Easy

When you see the term “wash and go” that seems like a pretty easy hairstyle. You think you should be able to just wash your hair and go on about your business for the day. That couldn’t be further from the truth for naturally kinky, curly hair. When I used to do a wash and go I had to apply a moisturizer, curl-enhancing product (in smaller sections) and a hair oil or butter to seal in moisture. Then throughout the day I needed to carry a spray bottle of water to refresh my hair and apply a small amount of hair to help lock in the moisture. That is hardly wash and go. However, when I tried Knot Today my wash and go took four steps:

Wash.    Apply Knot Today to wet hair.    Blot hair dry with paper towels.    Apply a quarter-sized drop of Extra virgin olive oil to my hair by rubbing oil into palms and working through hair as I fluffed to style.

At night I sleep with a plastic cap and scarf tied to my head. The following morning I refresh my hair with a little spritz of water and oil to seal in moisture.

Kinky Twists or Two-Strand Twists

If you have a big head like I do, creating kinky twists (two-strand twists) can be a chore that takes a few hours. However, I found that when I applied Knot Today to dry hair, my twist time was cut in half.

I divided hair in four sections without the use of a comb (so there won’t be “hard parts” in the hair).    I applied Knot Today to one section and combed it through to detangle hair.    I created individual kinky twists within that section. I prefer smaller twists but you can create larger ones if you hair is long enough to handle them.    Repeat steps two and three for the remaining three sections.

I like to leave my twists in as a protective style. I will also create two large flat twists or crown twists around my head for an elaborate-looking woven hairstyle. Usually two days before wash day I remove the twists and wear my hair out in kinky curly spirals (result of my kinky twists).

Bantu Knots

Another natural hairstyle I love to do is the knot set or Bantu Knot. As with kinky twists this usually takes a few hours for me because I need to smooth each individual section with a curl enhancing product or hair pudding before a create the knot. When I began using Knot Today, I followed the same steps I use for my kinky twists but instead of creating the twists I created knots. Most people use Bantu Knots as a hair set to create larger curls that are more defined and less kinky. While I ultimately will use the knot set for this purpose, I also wear them as a natural hairstyle.

These three are my favorite natural hairstyles that Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today made easier. This leave-in conditioner is ideal for thick and coarse hair types. If you have fine hair it is recommended to use Knot Today as a rinse-out conditioner. However, as many naturalistas find out, the recommended product usage is not always the best way to use the product on our hair. So if you have fine hair, give Knot Today a chance as a leave-in conditioner to help with your hair styles. You can purchase Knot Today at CurlMart or directly Kinky-Curly for $12. In addition, I also experience having unwanted hair growth. So to fight this, I tried laser hair removal deals in Brampton and guess what, it was effective!

Delta Airlines Service is Severely Lacking at Kennedy Airport in New York

It would seem that in an age when airlines must compete for customers in order to ensure their own survival rather than profits, they would try extra hard to provide a satisfying flight experience as well as competitive fares. Yet Delta Airlines still has a lot to learn about customer satisfaction, and should realize that low prices alone wont make an airline successful.

Additionally, the Delta terminal at Kennedy Airport in New York is equally to blame. The combination of unfriendly service and rampant disorganization at the Delta terminal and the quality of the flight itself leaves a lot to be desired.

I chose to fly Delta on my recent vacation to Ireland simply because I waited too long to book an inexpensive flight on Aer Lingus, and any other airline that flew into Shannon or Dublin was asking for ridiculous fare prices or was not a non-stop flight, which I preferred.

But Delta was offering a non-stop flight to Ireland for a very reasonable price, also the lowest of all the other carriers. Had I been aware of how service at Delta airlines and at the Delta terminal at Kennedy airport had fallen to abysmal levels, I might have considered one of the alternative carriers.

The Delta terminal at Kennedy Airport in New York is a confusing mess of lines, barriers, and employees who appear severely disenchanted with their jobs, and make little effort to present a friendly, welcoming appearance. Service at the Delta terminal moves painfully slow and is riddled with problems, such as a backup of luggage on the conveyer belt, forcing ticket agents to wait until much of the luggage is cleared before calling passengers from the line to the counter. Of course, this raises everyone’s frustration as we all stand idly by and watch the Delta employees move about nonchalantly and with little regard for moving things along efficiently.

Broken air conditioning, noisy fans that make it impossible to hear ticket agents calling for the next passengers to come to the desk, and general confusion amongst employees have you clamoring for escape from the terminal, and you haven’t even gone through security yet.

It is not only the services for public convenience that gives me a nauseating effect, even some of the staff members are quite uncouth and rude in their behavior when they’re talking to travelers and refuse to give straight forward answers to their queries. This is in stark contrast to Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport Sea, which had the best air conditioners, fans, toiletries and polite staff workers, right from the receptionist to the peon.

When at last you board your flight, it would appear that employee dissatisfaction has boarded the plane as well, for while some of the flight attendants do at least appear friendly and accommodating, others possess the same expression of general malaise and crabbiness that greeted you in the Kennedy terminal.

The flight itself is plagued by minor annoyances that when combined, have you determined never to fly Delta again. Bouts of freezing air conditioning, faulty headphone jacks and jumpy in-flight movies, and testy flight attendants, and you realize that sometimes paying a higher price on another carrier may well be worth it.

Angry Birds Launching into Space: Why Are They Still Angry?

Angry Birds is getting ready to launch into Outer Space, and on March 22nd the game will hit the open market. The Angry Birds: Space theme will be the fourth game in the series including the themes Rio and Seasons. Angry Birds: Space even lifted off with assistance from NASA, to promote the space program. The Birds have their own short videos, a large merchandise market, and a prominent impact on pop culture. These Birds have been involved in everything from government hoaxes to boycotts. Which is why everyone loves these notorious birds. Similarly, we have Minecraft that are equally popular. With minecraft shader packs players around the globe are in love with this game even more. We can download minecraft with free of cost from website

Birds by the numbers:

  • Rovio is based in Finland and was founded in 2003. 
  • Angry Birds debuted in 2009.    
  • Angry Birds had over 500 million downloads at the end of 2011.   

1 million Angry Birds downloads occur daily.  With an estimated 300 million minutes the game is played daily, why would the Birds be Angry? A hoax by a Blogger claimed there is a hard legislation push by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to ban the game in the United States. They sparked the claims that the game promotes revenge, suicide bombing, and genocide. This also included a hoax in the Philippines, which claimed there was a bill entered to ban Angry Birds merchandise.

Merchandise of the Angry Birds includes Halloween costumes, which was used by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to boycott a California Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant. The protesters, dressed as various Bird characters held signs outside the San Jose KFC. These signs included sayings like, “KFC makes us angry” and “Green Pigs are not the enemy, The Colonel is.”

Little birds “tweeting” on Twitter lead to the collaboration of Rovio with NASA on the new game last year. NASA saw an opportunity to expose a new generation to the wonders of Space and Science. There will be a zero-gravity setting on the levels and it will include six new characters designed to work with the gravity setting. NASA wanted to work closely with the physics and gravity part of the game and they are receiving no financial gain from Rovio or the Angry Birds profits.

The NASA program is slowly dwindling after numerous budget cuts and the end of the Space Shuttle Program in July 2011. They are starting to blaze the trail of human commercial travel into space, for the purpose of creating an interest in space within the American culture. Angry Birds will be NASA to the forefront of the new American generation, in hopes of securing U.S. Government leadership in the space program once again.

These little birds have nothing to be angry about, considering they are worth over $1 billion. They are also in talks with China about a special theme park dedicated to the Angry Birds. Those birds have sling-shot an estimated 400 billion times and they don’t plan on stopping there. The birds are not terrorists or suicide bombers, they are cultural sensations making strides in not only in creative methods of protesting but securing financial grants for the space program.

Five Good Trees to Use for Patio Trees

Patio trees provide aesthetic appeal and shade over a patio area. Normally, planting is done in the ground rather than in containers though both can be done. A container tree, preferably in a lightweight container placed on the patio provides an interesting splash of color. When searching for a patio tree, look at your site and determine where you want it to be planted. Do you want it to be used as a focal point? Or would you like to position it in an area for dramatic shade?

Many factors need to be considered in determining the perfect tree. One consideration is if the roots of the tree will rip up pavement because it will need deep, long, and strong roots. The best choice of patio tree for most people is those with limited growth. Dwarf trees (that grow under a maximum of ten feet) are the most common patio trees. Larger varieties can be planted for larger patio areas. In order to learn more about the different trees and their characteristics along with the possibility of using them as patio trees, you can visit You also get to take a look at patio furniture that is available there at really affordable prices that you can use instead of these trees. 

One factor when looking for the perfect tree is finding one that will grow large enough to provide adequate shade but not overtake the area. Fruit trees produce fruit that can make a mess and bring bugs to the area so they may want to be avoided. Another important factor is finding one that can withstand the weather conditions of the area. A person at a nursery can help you in this regard. Durable, long-lived small trees are the best choice for patios.

Also consider a person’s allergies, blooms, schedule, and seasonal elements (flowers, bark, leaves, structural beauty, fragrance, and if it attracts wildlife) before making your purchase. Trimming will be needed for any type you select. Most varieties will outgrow the area you select so be certain you allow for a lot of room when planting.

Crape Myrtle

As known as Lagerstroemia Indica, the Crape Myrtle is beautiful. Next to Mimosas, the Crape Myrtle is my favorite. The Crape Myrtle blooms during the hottest part of summer. By fall, the tree produces great colors from yellow to bright orange. Crape Myrtles can grow from 15 to 25 feet and spread 10 to 15 feet. Crape Myrtles are common domestically and apparently do not involve a lot of upkeep.


As known as the Amelanchier, the serviceberry is lovely. Amelanchier blooms in spring, provide fruit in summer, and has nice color in the Fall. The fruit produced by this tree tastes like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry. The fruit may prove a little messy on the patio but it is worth it for the taste of the fruit. In the Fall, the serviceberry turns a brilliant orange-red. The serviceberry is especially good for smaller patios as it grows between .2-20 meters tall.

Dwarf Southern Magnolia

As known as Magnolia Grandiflora, the Dwarf Southern Magnolia is an evergreen broadleaf. As such, the Dwarf Southern Magnolia retains its leaves through winter. The Dwarf Southern Magnolia can reach 28 feet high and spread 12 feet across. A lovely thing about the Dwarf Southern magnolia is the strong scent of lemon it provides. Dwarf Southern Magnolias will not survive summer fires. The Magnolia Grandiflora prefers warmer climates and is slow-growing. The Dwarf Southern Magnolia also prefers well-drained soil but increased moisture. Because the Dwarf Southern Magnolia can reach tall heights, it is best for larger patios.

Rose Tree

The Rose Tree is also known as Rhododendron Maximum. I purchased one of these several summers ago without a clue as to how to keep it up so it died. I believe it died because this type of tree requires a lot of water. A Rhododendron Maximum will need some trimming when it grows to that point (mine never got that far). Rhododendron Maximums are beautiful and come in different colors. I have seen these available in purple, white, pink, and red. The blooms begin in June but can occur from March through August. The Rhododendron Maximum grows between 13 and 33 feet tall. A problem with the Rhododendron Maximum is they can inhibit the regeneration of other plant species.

Flowering Dogwood

The Flowering Dogwood or Cornus florida is beautiful and appropriate for very large patios. This tree can grow to be 33 ft tall. A Flowering Dogwood of this type is considered fully grown at 20 years, so at 10 years the flowering dogwood is typically ten feet tall. Flowering Dogwoods are one of the most beautiful types of trees available. These tend to flower in early April in the South. My grandmother’s Flowering Dogwood has blooms on it as of this writing and it is March. Flowering Dogwoods prefer mostly acidic soil, afternoon shade, and good morning sun. Do not expose the Flowering Dogwood to intense heat.

Vaping Vs. Smoking: Which is Healthier?

One of the main differences between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Tobacco in cigarettes is the main cause of cancer and other serious diseases. This is because traditional cigarettes has a list of chemicals that are scientifically proven to be dangerous and harmful to our health. E-cigarettes also contain these exact chemicals. It is already a given that smoking can cause breast cancer, lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other dangerous diseases and that they have been developed after years of smoking. E-cigarettes on the other hand, has also been proven to cause some lung problems and seizures based on the reports of patients hospitalized for lung cancer caused by vaping. Even before, there have already been warnings about the risk of vaping but it is just recently that they found out that e-cigarettes indeed could cause severe damage to one’s health.

The increase in the use of e-cigarettes especially among young individuals has been considered as a dangerous trend with some serious health risk. Experts believe that for valid reasons, vaping should never be promoted as a healthier alternative of smoking because of such health problems that may be imposed to vape smokers. Studies have also shown that vaping or e-cigarette smoking has been highly common for teenagers. This battery operated device also comes in several and wide variety of forms and can also have the appearance of traditional cigarettes, sleek tech gadgets and pens. Users will inhale and exhale a vapor-like aerosol. As such, this way of consuming nicotine poses some health risks for both non-users and users.

Some studies also claim that vaping has so many negative effects and only few positive upsides. Initially, vaping promoters claim that these devices can actually help people to quit smoking. But some experts stress that while e-cigarette aerosol doesn’t include all the tobacco smoke contaminants, it is still not safe to consume. Here are some of the reasons why e-cigarettes are not safe

  • E-cigarette vapor has harmful elements, VOCs or volatile organic compound and heavy metals like nickel, lead and tin. Smokers breathe in these harmful contaminants and non-users nearby risk secondhand exposure.
  • E-cigarettes contain nicotine that can be addictive and can certainly harm developing brains for kids, teens and even fetuses in women who smoke vape while they are pregnant.
  • There are serious lung injury and problems that have been linked to e-cigarettes. Some of these lung injuries resulted in death. While it is not yet confirmed how the effects transcend, CDC still advises that vaping is not totally healthy.
  • The component of liquid used in e-cigarettes can also be harmful. Breathing has poisoned adults and even children by absorbing or swallowing liquid through their eyes or skin.

The threat of e-cigarettes to the public health has been one of the major concerns of health institutions. The popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking is a big misconception that must be prevented.

Since vaping caters younger generation, tobacco companies spent over 8.6 billion USD on aggressive marketing to entice youn people. This is equivalent to 23 million USD every day and almost 1 million USD every hour.According to studies, nearly about 80 percent of high school students were exposed to e-cigarette advertising in 206. Several youth say they have already tried e-cigarettes due to its appealing flavors and appearance. Over 80 percent of teen users claim that the flavor of e-cigarettes was one of the major factors why they became enticed to vaping. And every year, the number of teens who are using e-cigarettes are expected to double.

Overall, with the health risks associated in vaping, it should not be considered as an healthier alternative to smoking. While the long term health effects of vaping are still uncertain, some studies have already claimed that e-cigarettes have the potential to impose health issues. Hence, further research and studies are needed. Since this is already a pressuring issue of our generation today, the government must take action on how to address the issue. Products like vape kits uk must be carefully examined and evaluated before they become available in the market. The public health must be always the top priority.

Alternative Medicine: Are Homeopathic Treatments and Remedies for You?

Many people throughout the world are beset with chronic illness ranging from migraine headaches to arthritis or worse.. Many, discouraged by what they consider ineffective traditional medical treatment, have sought relief through alternative methods and cures such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic manipulation and herbs and supplements. But one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine is the practice of homeopathy or the utilization of homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic treatment dates back to the early 1800s when the father of the practice, German physician Samuel Hahnemann, discovered that by ingesting small amounts of cinchona bark, he could produce malaria like symptoms in his body, without the disease itself manifesting, even though he was normally healthy at the time. Further, during his studies of other healthy people who developed certain symptoms when taking other substances, he found that these substances cured people sick with the same symptoms. This theory of like cures like became one of the mainstay principles of homeopathic medicine and with variations is used today in the treatment of allergies and the manufacturing of vaccines. To inform patients and the public about these facts, it is necessary to use the 3 digital marketing strategies to promote your medical practice and other important information.

At the time of Hahnemann’s discovery, the medical community used such treatment as bloodletting, leeches, purging and concoctions of opiates. Naturally, his principle of like cures like was a boon to medicine as it was then known. But as time went on , the controversy over the efficacy of these homeopathic remedies has loomed large in the scientific community. Homeopathic remedies are given in extremely low doses and diluted with water to the point that the original active substance is no longer present. They act much like a placebo with the patient’s mind providing the cure in some cases.

Yet, homeopathic treatment and remedies associated with the treatment is much safer than most of those prescribed drugs on the market today. There are no side effects, safe for children and pregnant women, natural and relatively inexpensive. And no matter the number of symptoms demonstrated, only one homeopathic remedy is given to cure all the symptoms.

However, while the remedy itself may be inexpensive, fitting the individual to the proper remedy requires consultation with a homeopath and providing an extensive history of the patient’s physical and psychological state. There are no standard remedies for any particular illness. These visits can be costly.

5 Tell-Tale Signs And Symptoms Of Leaky Gut

Have you ever felt so tired that you feel that getting out of bed is a superhuman task? If this is a recurring feeling for weeks, with no relief, in spite of getting enough sleep, then something else could be the underlying condition. The problem could be leaky gut.

What does leaky gut mean?

Our guts actually have a lot of say in how our other body functions go on. We take care of our hair, skin, teeth, heart and everything else, but we hardly ever pay attention to our gut. Our intestines are complex organs and they help in passage of undigested food while taking out necessary nutrients. The nutrients are passed into the bloodstream through the intestinal walls because the walls are semi-permeable. Sometimes, due to various factors, the permeability of the walls increases which leads to leakage of toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream and the general viscera outside. This causes great inflammation and pain. This condition is called leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability.

How to know if you just have a stomach bug or a leaky gut?

Read the following signs and symptoms-

  1. Chronic fatigue and extreme difficulty to engage in regular physical activity
  2. High craving for carbs and sugar
  3. Occurrence of rashes as common as acne (or even rosacea or eczema in some extreme cases)
  4. Join pain which can even lead to arthritis
  5. Pain in middle and lower stomach area along with inflammation

If these symptoms are experienced for more than 2 weeks with no relief, it’s time to see a doctor.

Some people start off with just regular constipation or loose motion which can develop into diarrhoea as well. If this is happening to you for a long time and you’re getting dehydrated, then those also could be an indication of a leaky gut. People suffering from leaky gut also have other serious autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, or even multiple sclerosis.

Needless to say, that untreated leaky gut can lead to a lifetime of painful problems. If caught early and certain steps are taken, a patient can recover gradually from anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks. Within a time period of 3 months, a person can be completely healthy again.

How to fix leaky gut?

  • After consulting with the doctor and taking all the necessary medication prescribed, you should turn to some supplements as well. Relief Factor is a pain relief product which can help with the muscle ache and inflammation which leaky gut causes.
  • Change in your diet plan also will help you heal faster.Cut out junk food, caffeine, alcohol and dairy completely. Replace bad fats with good fats like avocado, fish oil, almond oil, flax seed oil and coconut oil. You also need to add more collagen and digestive enzymes in your daily consumption.
  • Avoid refined sugar and include more fruits and vegetables with special attention to tubers and roots. But when you choose your fruits, make sure that they don’t have a high sugar content.
  • You can speak with a reputed nutritionist to know more details about alternatives to foods which you are cutting out. Nutrition deficiency is one of the common side effects of leaky gut so make sure you don’t fall short of anything.
  • The inclusion of L-glutamine is very useful in such conditions because it is a special amino acid which helps rebuild soft tissues such as the tissues of the intestinal walls.

Follow all these steps and be strict with your diet tofeel a rise in your energy levels, relief from pain and experience overall better health within a month.

Do You Think Your Dying or Have Some Dreaded Debilitating Disease?

Before you write yourself off as being middle-aged, suffering from some debilitating disease or something far, far worse look at your symptoms objectively. If you are facing health problems like nosebleeds, swollen and/or bleeding gums, and general physical weakness, you need to check with your physician about possible Vitamin C deficiency. This holds particularly if you regularly use alcohol, which depletes the body’s quota of Vitamin C, though the depletion is also frequently caused by poor diet. In any case, adequate amounts of Vitamin C are needed for optimal health since it boosts immunity and safeguards your body against many a disease.

Vitamin C Increases Health and Strengthens Tendons ; Ligaments

It is now known that the health and strength of our tendons and ligaments is also dependent on the availability of Vitamin C. In addition, proper intake of this essential vitamin makes us look young and fresh. This is because Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant – a natural fighter against the harmful chemical and biological agents that enter or form in the body. But that is not all. Adequate levels of Vitamin C also ensure protection of the skin against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that tends to damage skin tissues, blemishing its look and increasing the chances of skin cancer in many people with sensitive skin.

Vitamin C Can Actually Reverse Your Skin Damage Like Scars and Blemishes

Perhaps, you’ll be surprised, and relieved of course, if you are told that Vitamin C has the potency to actually reverse the skin damages like scars and blemishes etc. Regular intake of Vitamin C, especially when combined with proper amounts of Vitamin E, has a natural healing effect on skin. Before long, you will see the welcome shift in your skin health and complexion.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Given the benefits of Vitamin C, it is important to include enough of this important nutrient in our daily food. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin C is 30 mg (milligrams). One may take more than this but studies on its excess intake reveal that it is not likely to bring any extra benefits. However, people may take a bit more than the RDA to ensure ample supply of this vitamin, especially those who are alcoholic, so to make up for any depletion.

Vitamin C is abundantly found in a large number of natural foods

Vitamin C is abundantly found in a large number of natural foods including citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, and lemons), papaya, broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, cherries, melon, Brussels sprouts, Lychee, and many other edible plants. Some animal sources also carry lesser amounts of Vitamin C, especially the liver of cattle, pigs, and chicken. Milk is usually very low in Vitamin C. Besides these natural sources, nutritional supplements also contain health-friendly quantities of Vitamin C.

It is important to consult a nutritionist about the right kind of supplements with Vitamin C

Some supplements, like the time released supplements of Vitamin C, for example, have so far been found useless in having any health benefits. Reading the ingredients on the container/pack of the supplement is also important to give you a clear idea of its Vitamin C content and the best way to use it. On a separate note, if you are looking for rhinoplasty doctors in Michigan, here are the things that you may need to consider. Click here.

Dreams Resort And Spa In Tulum, Mexico

I recently had the pleasure of vacationing at the Dreams Resort in Tulum, Mexico. I went with my eight-year-old daughter who was the flower girl at our friend’s wedding. The wedding was at the resort on the beach. Dreams Resort in Tulum offers three different wedding packages and the professional services of their wedding coordinators whose services are available at no additional charge. This is a chain of Luxury Medical Spas that you can enjoy around the globe. With their world-class services and highly experienced masseuse, you will surely get a surreal experience in these spas.

From the moment we arrived at the resort I was in awe of our surroundings. The first glimpse of the entrance was beautiful. Large stone arches grace the edge of the drive. The main lobby was impeccably clean and marble floors and walls were everywhere. When we checked in at the desk we were surprised to find that our whole party of 17 was given a room upgrade and that was the beginning of a wonderful week at Dreams Resort.

Our room was lovely. It included two double beds, a large bathroom that had a separate shower and a Jacuzzi that looked out into the room. We had a sitting area that was separated from the bedroom area. We had a large balcony that looked out on the beautiful gardens. Some of the amenities that our room had been, private and furnished balcony, DVD/CD players, free DVD rental, 27″ cable television, daily refreshed mini-bar with beer, juices, soft drinks and bottled water (all items in the minibar are included in your all-inclusive price.

We also had entertainment each nigh. My favorite was a hypnotist named David Doyle. I personally had never witnessed anyone being hypnotized before; this was truly an enjoyable show. Every night on the beach they showed a movie that was family-friendly. They also had mechanical bull riding and an area for guests to just sit and read. There were musicians placed throughout the resort at different times of the day for your enjoyment.

The food was wonderful. There are seven restaurants; the dress code goes from casual to casual elegance. My daughter and I enjoyed the Seaside Grill the best. We were sitting next to the beach on an outdoor patio, white linen-covered tables being served filet mignon. For us, it didn’t get any better than this.

The spa was wonderful. We were greeted with plush robes and slippers when we entered the locker rooms at the spa. Once in the spa area we were given cold drinks and led to comfortable chases that sit next to a large whirlpool. I received a Swedish massage and it was invigorating. If you are looking for a great family vacation spot that is an all-inclusive package consider Dreams Resort Tulum Mexico. I would go back without any hesitation. This was a great vacation spot.

Binocular Review: SkyGenius 10×50

SkyGenius 10×50 Binocular is considered as one of the best brands that deliver quality features and design so users can have an amazing spotting experience. Surely, there are several spotting products that you can see in the market. While this might be a factor to make your hunt for the best scope challenging, this article will give you an overview of SkyGenius Binocular so you can have the best choice. With the extreme popular feedback and best seller position in the market, this device is certainly qualified as a impressive and worth investing spotting binocular. There are several amazing things about SkyGenius Binocular that you will certainly love.

One of the best things about this device is that it doesn’t come off with a cheap feel despite its cheap price. The quality has rubber armored with thumb indents so you can have a good grip or hold of it. It is also nicely designed with impressive optic features. It has a porro prism feature that has BK7 prism glass, coated optics and is nice and big for easy handling. Another good thing about this device is that it is ideal for beginners. This isn due to the size and full 28 oz heft of the binocular. It creates a convenient way of handling the device. In addition, with lots of lights that gather the ability of the device to have 50 mm objective lenses and exit pupils of 5 mm, it will be able to keep up with your glassing needs as low light hours approach. SkyGenius also comes with some bonus accessories so it is a good purchase especially for beginners. Once you buy this product, you can expect a case for the binocular, lens caps, strap, and les cleaning cloth. You will also get a warranty card and an instructional page to help you easily learn the device.

Some of the products available in the market are often designed in a complicated and complex system. What good about SkyGenius is that it is designed with simplicity. Some experts believe that its simplicity feature makes it unique among other binoculars. As a beginner, you certainly want to use a device with simple mechanism and that can be learned easily. This device product line has also undergone extensive quality control so you can ensure that you are using a quality and reliable product. Simplicity is always what makes SkyGenius popular in the market.

Furthermore, when buying a binocular, one of the major considerations of buyers is if the device can be used with glasses. Well, SkyGenius binocular has rubber fold down eyecups that can be beneficial who wear glasses and those who do not. For those who wear glasses, they only have to fold down the rubber portion that connects past the lenses of the ocular and then push down so they can be easily folded back. This feature offers more forgiving eye relief for those who wear spectacles or who want to keep sunglasses on during use. SkyGenius binos are also waterproof so users can ensure that they are using a well-protected device. They are also water resistant and can be used in light rain. However, after use, they need to be wiped down for complete dryness before you store them away. In relation to protection, the lens of the device also comes with individual cap covers. This will allow you to protect your binocular from dirt and other substances that have the potential to damage spotting scopes.

If you are concerned about quality, SkyGenius binocular will never let you down when it comes to that aspect. SkyGenius was originally established in America but they have become available online through e-business trade.

Overall, SkyGenius binoculars are considered to be better than other mediocre optics. Aside from the positive fact that you can buy this product in a very cheap price, it can also deliver quality features, impressive designs and can certainly provide you with amazing spotting experience. If you are a beginner who wants to get started in spotting activities. SkyGenius is definitely a good choice for you. With its budget class and decent features, this is the best deal to consider. Looking to buy best long range scopes but cannot decide? Go now and buy SkyGenius binoculars.