7 Of Your Favorite Edm Artists As Super Smash Bros. Characters

Have you ever thought of your favorite EDM stars in the form of popular Super Smash Bros. Characters? Now, that’s something really unique and cool. Much to your joy, here is a list of top EDM artists as Super Smash characters.

Mario – Diplo

This cute Italian plumber has been winning hearts since the 80’s with his fun antics. From racing go-karts to savings beautiful princesses to beating the goons- Mario has always something interesting up his sleeve. His continuous shifts in form and style are pretty similar to what we find with Diplo’s career.

Akin to Mario, we can never predict what would be is next step. We don’t know whether he has saved any princess but one thing for sure- he has been a part of some among the biggest EDM groups like Silk City, LSD, Major Lazer etc.


Pikachu is one those legendary and evergreen Super Smash characters who has been a part of Gen-Y and Gen-Z childhood. We have grown up playing and watching Pokemon games and cartoons – much like today’s young EDM fans have grown up listening to Skrillex. Akin to Pokemon, Skrillex too is one of the most adored EDM musicians who has charted some of the best edm songs for this genre.

Bowser- Excision

Have you ever seen Excision in Lost Lands Festival? Well, then you must know about his soft corner for huge dinosaurs. And Bowser is one of the largest dinosaurs ever and hence there could not be a better match. The musician’s aggressive dubstep and bone-crushing sound can make one believe that the artist can actually breathe fire!

Kirby-Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson debuted with an idyllic album titled “Worlds” which actually transported us to a fairytale land of both dreams & underlying darkness. It was like those mystique childhood stories we used to read where prince or princesses hunted down the monsters to end darkness and bring light to the world. Kirby is famous for its Dreamy Land that similarly features both dreamy pink clouds & terrifying monsters whom the protagonist slayed like a true warrior. Thus, when it comes to Robinson, there cannot be a more suitable match than this cute Super Smash creature.

And also, “Shelter” has always made us feel pink and soft inside.


Rezz’s exquisite numbers often carry the feel of transporting you through time and space. Her dark futuristic tunes has left an unforgettable mark on modern dance music and they perfectly complement Samus’ valiant alien killing.

Link- Armin van Buuren

Link is one of those rare old school favorites who had always had a series of never-ending fan following, even after all these years. The story is somewhat similar to the amazing popularity and career graph of Armin. The famous EDM artist has never ceased to amaze his fans and has been going strong as one of the most loved EDM artists around the globe for around two decades now.

Yoshi- a Riddim producer

Do you think Yoshi is a dinosaur? Or is it a lizard? Do you think Riddim is simply heavier dubstep? What’s the red tint on Riddim’s back? Is it a saddle or a spot? All such questions have already stirred many questions online. Well, hopefully you have already got the drift.