4 New And Unique Pool Party Games To Play Among Any Age Group

On a sunny day during the summer, chilling out in a swimming pool is one of the great ideas. Kids can play in cold pool water, which will be refreshing, and it can help to boost the energy in your body; that’s why you can consider it without having a single issue. Most of the pool parties start getting boring after a couple of hours of playing into the pool. Due to this, playing some of the pool games can easily enhance your overall experience and get you the best experience with ease for sure.

After thinking a lot, we are putting a list of top 4 new and unique pool party games to try out. All these games are quite impressive to play, and you can try out these games to have the best experience of all time. Even you can check out have you ever questions list along with these games to have a great time. Let’s have a look at all the impressive games –

  1. Picking Up Wet Shirt

To play this game, the whole team divides up into two teams and gets their position on different sides of the pull. One member from each side swam and got a wet T-shirt from another side. So, you have to place two clothes or a t-shirt before starting the game. After getting the t-shirt, the first person comes back to the starting position after getting the Tee.

Now, he throws it as far as he can in the pool to ease up the next swimmer going from the same team. As the t-shirt drops, the second person swam and took the shirt back after touching the other side of the pool. This keeps on going until the last person and the first one to complete the whole wins this game.

  1. Greasy Watermelon

Watermelons are heavy, but they easily float on water. So, you can play with a watermelon. Apply lots of petroleum jelly on the watermelon to make it feel greasy. Now put it in the center of the pool. The whole group divide into two teams and wait on their side. Decide one person from each side to swim toward watermelon and retrieving on their side.

You need to swim as fast as you can and get it to the end position. The twisted part is, this game is all about collecting points. A person who does the same will get one point. Any of the team who gets ten-point will win with ease. That’s why it is fun to play the game. Make sure to find a heavy watermelon and apply lots of petroleum jelly on it.

  1. Playing Volleyball

No doubt about the fact that volleyball is one of the most popular games for a long time and you can play it with friends. Isn’t it a great idea to play volleyball with your friends? You can tie a net across the pool and divide the whole group into two teams. The best part is, you don’t need the heavy volleyball in the ball.

Instead of getting a volleyball, you can get a beach ball, which will be a better option to play with your friends. This game becomes interesting when you follow the same rules of volleyball. Make sure that the pool must be large enough to play with two people. You can do the rest of stuff like a real volleyball, that’s why it is a fun time game to go after.

  1. Holding Breath

In this game, a whole group can play where one person will monitor or work as acoach. Everyone another person will get into the pool and try to hold the breath for as long as he/she can. It is a very classic game, but it is fun to try out. You need to get into the pool, but don’t take too much risk. This is a classic old-time game but still worth playing when there is nothing more to do.

In case you want to make it impressive, then you can try out going to the bottom and touching the ground and then coming up on the surface of the water. It might feel a bit typical in the beginning, but you will definitely love playing this game. That’s why you can try it out.