3 Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Are you satisfied with your current weight? Rather your answer is Yes or No, you should be losing weight for the right reasons. Most people will say that they need to lose a pound or two because society is based so much on image.
Moreover, there is a possibility that the average American may need some weight loss. I really believe that a person should have a positive self image when it comes to their body. In fact, it’s really important to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I am happy to see that some people are happy at any size and unconcerned with carrying a few extra pounds but there are a number of reasons you should consider losing weight.

Health Risks

Furthermore, there are many dangers to being overweight such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In addition, being overweight you will increase your chances of contracting these diseases. Heart disease is one of the major risks of obesity. Also, many heart attacks are fatal and develop when the heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body. The results of this extra work cause the heart to be fatigue. Moreover, being overweight will cause you to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are major contributors to making the heart tired.

In addition, high blood pressure and high cholesterol will increase an overweight person chance of having a stroke. Strokes happen when the blood and oxygen cannot reach the brain. High cholesterol occurs when fatty deposits build up on the artery walls. If these deposits breaks away from the wall and travel to the heart this will result in a blockage. Ultimately, the blockage will result into a heart attack. Likewise, if the deposit takes a different direction and travel to the brain and results into a blockage then a stroke will occur.

There are eight different treatment areas that may be required to sacrifice if you don’t exercise caution.

Planning for Parenthood

It’s really important for women that are planning to become pregnant to not have any weight issues. Being overweight can cause problems with conceiving. A woman that’s planning to conceive should have the correct balance of nutrients in their body. This will make it possible for the proper chemicals to be produced and to stimulate ovulation so the mother is physically able to carry the fetus. Yes, it’s very possible for a person with weight problems to become pregnant. Also, being overweight will increase your chances of miscarriage or health problems for the baby..

Lifestyle Change

We know that there is health issues involved with being overweight but it can also affect your everyday life. You can have problems finding clothes that look good on you with the extra weight. You can have problems staying active or playing sports. There are a variety of issues that come along with being over weight. Furthermore, losing weight is a lifestyle change and you should make smart choices when planning to lose weight.