3 Podcasts that Help You Take Sensational Digital Photos

Photography is the number one hobby for millions of Americans. On Nov 3 Flickr,the most popular web destination for photo sharing, reached 3 billion photos. Photos are everywhere. The number of photos on the web is growing fast. You can find them on MySpace, FaceBook and a hundred or more websites that integrate some degree of photo sharing capability. Some sites are even designed especially to help grandma stay in touch. CEIVA

Not everyone is going to become a professional photographer, but you don’t want your photos to drown in the sea of images either. Using some of the best Canon T6i lenses, you can capture stunning images whenever you like. By listening to these three lively and entertaining podcasts you will benefit from expert advice from photography gurus. Your photos will dazzle your viewers and stand out from the crowd.

  1. This Week in Photography Podcast TWIPphoto.com

This Week in Photography is a weekly podcast co-hosted by photo experts Alex Lindsey and Scott Bourne. Guests on the show cover the full spectrum of photographic styles and methods. Leading experts from photojournalism to commercial product photography, and everyone in between, join the hosts of the podcast and share their expertise. TWIP sponsors monthly contests on Flickr to encourage photographers to expand their skills. In addition to the podcast, the TWIP website has insightful software and book reviews. The site has tons of useful information about all aspects of photography. Their website TWIPhoto.com is a resource you’ll visit again and again.

  1. PhotoShop for Digital Photographers The Digital Photography Connection

PhotoShop for Digital Photographers has great podcast tutorials from The Digital Photography Connection. Each week Michael Rather explains a feature or tool of Photoshop. Layers, masks, removing backgrounds, getting rid of blemishes and noise that ruin otherwise good photos, Michael covers it all. His tutorials are clear and easy to follow. Finally, all those PhotoShop buttons make sense. And for photographers who are ready for software to manage their photos, The Digital Photography Connection website offers tutorials that explain the features of Adobe Lightroom.

  1. Light Source Studio Photography Podcast Studiolighting.net

Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden from Studiolighting.net host Light Source Studio Photography Podcast each week. Good lighting is essential for good photography. Bill and Ed have all the answers. Their podcast focuses on studio lighting but the expert advice from a wide variety of professional photographers offers insight into all types of lighting situations. Lightsource Studio Photography Podcast shows you how to get the shots you want. Light Source also has an active Flickr group where you are able to submit your photos for advice.

Digital photography is habit forming. The more you learn the more photos you want to shoot. Armed with the information from these podcasts, and a little practice, you’ll have Flickr up to 4 billion in no time.