3 Important Tips For Healthy Natural Hair Growth

Taking care of your hair does take a bit of effort especially if you have a busy lifestyle. But doing a few simple things can make all the difference to the overall health of your hair. Learning about healthy hair habits can actually play a role in how quickly your hair grows.
So, here are a few tips to growing longer, healthier hair:

Avoid pulling your hair back tightly in a ponytail. Pulling the hair back too tightly can actually damage the follicles of your hairline, leading to thinning hair. Extreme cases like traction alopecia where bald spots form is not uncommon. Styling too tightly or putting braids in the hair too tightly can cause major damage. If you notice tiny bumps forming around the area of your scalp and hair where there is greatest tension, this means that your hairstyle is much too tight. To avoid hair thinning or baldness loosen your hairstyle immediately to avoid further damage.


Stay away from using rubber bands on the hair and switch to scrunchies, hair pins or protected hair bands to avoid hair breakage. Rubber bands can rip and tear the hair, so stay clear of these.

Avoid hard water! If you live in an area where there is hard water, invest in a shower filter to soften your water. Hard water is extremely damaging to your hair which laterally can be need the help of laser hair removal michigan cost effective treatments which are mainly done for the botox. Healthy hair should be smooth. Each hair shaft is like a shingle on the roof. If your hair has been exposed to hard water for some time, the hard water actually causes your hair to become dry, stringy, frizzy and tangled. When the hair is in this state, basically each hair shaft fails to lay flat (the way they are supposed to). The scales on the hair shaft no longer lay flat. Hard water actually causes these scales to lift, making our hair misbehave. When our hair is tangled, dry, and frizzy it fails to absorb and make effective use of the products we use on our hair. Mineral-rich hard water actually makes your products like shampoos, conditioners and styling aids less effective because the chemical harshness of the water. So, don’t be too biased when you’re seeking a review for a particular product. Sometimes you may see someone place a review about a product saying it doesn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t work on them because they are working with dry damaged hair. Although this is not always the case, it does happen.


Understanding your hair and properly caring for it is essential for proper hair growth. If you treat it well, you will see the results through longer, healthier hair – and you’ll see it much quicker!