10 Healthy Foods Women Love

10 Healthy Foods Women Love

Here’s my top 10 Healthy Foods Women Love:

Pomegranate Juice – helps you keep the sniffles away. High levels of germ fighting antioxidants in pomegranates kill viruses in your mouth before they have a change to spread to your body. Drink 8oz of pomegranate juice a day to keep the germs away.

 10 Healthy Foods Women Love

Dark Chocolate – tasty way to take care of that pesky diarrhea. The Catechin found in dark chocolate helps stop fluid loss in the intestines. Break out that chocolate stash, ladies. Today, chocolate made it to the healthy foods section.

Pistachios – helps to keep your stress levels at bay. Just 11/2 oz of Pistachios a day will bring your blood pressure down during stressful situations .

Bananas – help your body to get rid of excess fluid caused by PMS bloating or if you over did it with the salt shaker . Bananas are healthy foods that are considered diuretic due to their high potassium content. Just one banana a day can take the puffed up feeling away.

 10 Healthy Foods Women Love

Popcorn – helps you to feel happier instantly. Munching on crunchy foods like popcorn helps the brain to release mood-boosting chemicals.

Citrus Fruit – another stress buster with high content of vitamin C. Just one glass of OJ or one grapefruit in the morning gives your body enough vitamin C to keep you stress to a minimum.

Coffee – not only it is loaded with caffeine that many of moms need to start the day with, but it also has enough fiber that keeps you regular. I love the fact that coffee is included in healthy foods category….time for another cup.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich – will help you fall asleep faster. Peanut butter contains sleep inducing Tryptophan and grape jelly is loaded with sleep regulating hormone called Melatonin. So snack on some PB&J few hours before you go to sleep.

 10 Healthy Foods Women LoveCarrots – just 4 raw carrot sticks a day can cut the risk of ovarian cancer by 54%. Carotenoids found in carrots helps to clean up ovary damaging chemicals.

Chamomile Tea – drinking 5 cups of this “magic” brew for two weeks will help to relieve your muscle spasm and help ease your cramps. It will also help to calm you down.

I am sure we all can incorporate most if not all of these powerful healthy foods into our daily diet. I know I love every one of them and knowing that they are good for me is just a delicious bonus.